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10 Dec 2017

Maybe some Motor Control?

Here goes my attempt at explaining and simplifying the concept of MOTOR CONTROL.  As eluded to in earlier blogs, it’s not all about ‘core stability’, and the notion was put forth that perhaps dogs don’t need that in the same capacity as would a human.  BUT, that is not to say that they don’t need to strengthen muscles around the ‘middles’ and the ‘lumbopelvic region’ but rather we’re missing key elements if we just lump things... More

03 Dec 2017

Changing definitions... BALANCE TRAINING & what the research shows

Why not break down each of the different components that are being lumped into what is being generically called ‘Core Stability’?  Core stability primarily suggests the abdominals and ‘friends’ (epaxials, pelvic floor, lats), but it excludes the proximal stabilizers (hip and shoulder muscles) and distal stabilizers (those muscles that would control the feet, carpals, & tarsal joints).  Likely the best way to train all of the above is with Balance Training.&n... More

26 Nov 2017

What IS Core Stability?

Definitions & Descriptions "There is controversy and some confusion on the definition of the term “core stability”.  Traditionally this term has referred to the active component to the stabilizing system including deep/local muscles that provide segmental stability (e.g. transversus abdominis, lumbar multifidus) and/or the superficial/global muscles (e.g. rectus abdominis, erector spinae) that enable trunk movement/torque... More

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