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15 Apr 2018

What to do when your patient feels worse after treatment?

Inspiration from: This is really a good question.  And it comes from new-grad PTs in the human field as well as newbies to the animal rehab field. Essentially not all ‘next day’ pain is bad.  Firstly, you must consider what is the diagnosis?If it’s a fresh post-op and what you did made the dog worse the next day, then perhaps you over did it. ... More

08 Apr 2018

Bra pain... for real?! The story / blog goes on about a woman who is having thumb pain.  She’s a massage therapist, but her pain is worse when driving!  Pressure makes it feel better (pushing into the thenar eminence).  There was also a complaint of inner arm pain – about where her bra wire would come in contact with her biceps (along the line of the median nerve).  The patient had a p... More

01 Apr 2018

How best to treat mechanical spinal pain?

I read a lovely little journal article that I wanted to share.  The article was in regards to thrust manipulation versus nonthrust manipulation (i.e. mobilizations) for the treatment of mechanical neck pain. Pragmatically Applied Cervical and Thoracic Nonthrust Manipulation Versus Thrust Manipulation for Patients With Mechanical Neck Pain: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial.  David Griswold, PT, PhD1, Ken Learman, Morey J. Kolber, Bryan O'Halloran, Joshua A. Cleland.  J ... More

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