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13 Aug 2017

Cryosaunas for dogs?

 I was asked an interesting question.  Do I know of anyone who has used cryostimulation (aka. cryosauna technology / whole body cryotherapy / partial body cryotherapy) on a dog?  The short answer is ‘no’.  But I wanted to look up the research a bit more to see what kind of validation the practice had, or not! So, I hit pubmed and found the following recent review paper:Bouzigon R. et al.  Whole- and partial-body cryostimulation / cryotherapy: Current tec... More

06 Aug 2017

Physical Therapy & Discs

Treating animals with disc lesions using physical therapy manual techniques (mobilizations or traction) is often met with concern by non-rehab veterinarians.  However, it is common-place in human practice.  Mechanical and neurophysiological effects have been the rationale for utilizing manual therapy interventions for patients with low back pain. A recent review paper looked at the physiological effects of physical therapy interventions, including manual therapy and traction, on t... More

30 Jul 2017

Trial & Error OR Trial & Success!

 I recently treated a human.  What?  A human?  Yes!  A real human that was actually happy to have me work on her! Here’s the story.  The human in question is a therapist that works with me at my clinic.  She was walking her dog, and her arm was out to the side and yanked backward horizontally all of the sudden when her dog at the end of the leash ran backwards to get away from a charging terrier!  It sore a bit then, but no pop, and no excruciat... More

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