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15 Oct 2017

Manual Therapy Discussion

My last blog ruffled some feathers. (Fair enough.)  But, it allowed for an intelligent conversation back and forth, which I'd like to share below.Laurie:I have been subscribed to your emails since I attended your roundtable discussion on cruciate disease at the last STAAR conference.  I find it informative and enjoyable.Unfortunately, I did not find your latest blog so enjoyable.  I guess my feelings have ranged from angry to insulted to annoyed.  I guess perturbed is probabl... More

08 Oct 2017

Manual Therapy – An Up and Coming Topic in Canine Rehabilitation… Give me a Break!

Seriously!  Since when did manual therapy become NEW in Canine Rehab??  A recent advertisement for a course deemed manual therapy to be ‘the hottest up and coming topic’ in canine rehabilitation.  That just had me fuming!!!  Furthermore, the program states that they were going to certify people in Canine Manual Therapy.  If you took training in canine rehabilitation and didn’t learn the fundamentals of manual therapy… then you went to the wrong p... More

01 Oct 2017

Fatigue associated with healing, motor relearning, or cognitive processing

Whoa!  Now that sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it?  This blog is inspired from the book I’m currently listening to, The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge.  It’s filled with great stories and discusses neuroplasticity and the ability for the brain to rewire, reconnect, and heal!  It’s a marvelous read (or listen)!   One of the points in the most recent chapter I listened to was about energy drain or fatigue.  It caught my a... More

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