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Apr 2012


Why?  Why?????? Why would I want to take on such a large project as a membership website?  I’m crazy!? (Yeah, it’s true…I’ve come to terms with that!)


But here’s the thing.  When I started dabbling in animal rehab, there were no formal courses available on the subject.  I took as many courses as I could from CHAP (the Canadian Horse and Animal Physical Therapists Association), but they were all horse-based and just smatterings of information – not exactly ‘how to’ structured series of courses.  So I read voraciously to round out my knowledge!  I accumulated textbooks.  I spent time shadowing an already successful practicing equine physiotherapist – Lesley Kerfoot.  (In fact I was at her facility the day I went into labour with my first child!  “Nerd”, I know!)  I tried my hand at assessing the ranch horses and my own dog.  I then started seeing horses of family & friends.  I did dissections with other like-minded self-learning individuals.  I started seeing dogs.  I started giving lectures.  I became involved with the executive of CHAP.  I just did it. It was all very much like the universe was pushing me in this direction.


Animal rehab / physiotherapy became a passion of mine… but it wasn’t an easy learning process.  I made mistakes, and occasionally, I looked like a fool, but I learned from these events.  And I continue to learn!!


I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunities I was given (or perhaps just to be in the right place at the right time along the way).  I am so passionate about this field.  My hope is to help others along their learning journey – and to make it a little more expedient than what I had to go through to acquire the knowledge I have today.  I like to translate human physiotherapy information to the canine patient.  It’s not always a direct translation!  I also like to read veterinary research and look at it with my physiotherapist view point to see how that information could also be interpreted from a physio / rehab perspective when applying it to animals. Traditional vet medicine doesn’t view information in the same light.  I LOVE making these connections, findings, and insights!  And I want to share that information as widely as I possibly can – for the betterment of the profession of animal rehab, and for the betterment of animal health care too!!

Dogs in particular are such amazing creatures in how they interact with humans and play such a huge role in people’s lives.  I think the universe is just awakening to how incredible these animals are.  I feel strongly that animals come into our lives to strengthen our own learning journey in life.  They impact our lives in so many different ways, that it’s hard NOT to look at them as angels here on earth!  Yes, yes, I know – hard to do when you are wiping up muddy footprints from your floor, throwing out your chewed up running shoes, or yelling, “COME!” for the 10th time out at the park!  But it’s good for your soul!  I really believe that! 


Drop me a line.  Tell me what you think!