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24 Dec 2017

A Christmas Blog

Christmas Dog

I had a couple of blogs fully written to choose from today… but upon realizing that most of you might be seeing it on Christmas Day, I thought… ‘well that’s silly’.  Why ‘think’ on Christmas Day?!  Why not be inspired instead!


So, I found inspiration in a happy video I wanted to discuss:

The Power of a Dog:


There is an aspect to what we do as canine rehab professionals that is rarely discussed, but it’s something wonderfully impactful to humanity.  What I’m talking about is how helping pets to move better, function better, and feel less pain, also helps the humans who care for them!  And while many of us who work with animals will often profess that we tend to like animals better than people, there is something awesome about helping an owner to help their pet.  


I love my owners!  I love being part of their extended family!  I love helping their dogs compete in their sport, helping them run in the park again, helping them go up the stairs, get on the bed, be more independent, and live a little longer!  Yes, that’s taking it back to the dogs again, but helping a dog with all of those things, quite simply gives an owner their dog back!  I can’t even count the number of times an owner has thanked me for what I do, telling me that if they had not found me 2 years (or however long) ago, that they may have retired their animal or even put their dog down (depending on the problem their dog was having).  And “giving a person their dog back” is huge!


Dogs are family members now…  Well, they certainly are to those owners who even contemplate taking their dogs for physio / rehab.  And if you take into account the power of a dog to help a human through tough times, to be a better person, to improve an owner’s health, and so much more, then our working with dogs, also has a far-reaching impact on humanity!  Deep, right!?  But I believe it to my very core!


So, yes, treat the dogs.  That’s great.  But I would also suggest talking to the people. Get to know your owners.  Because when you do, you will start to hear the stories and begin to understand the part we are playing in the evolution of humanity!


Merry Christmas to you!  Peace and good will to all!




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