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25 Feb 2018

Who made you?

My Dad My Dad


Forgive the ACDC reference…   But when trying to decide on a blog post to write this week, I decided to let it be a bit personal and about my actual thoughts for the week.  I’ve not had many ‘clinically relevant’ thoughts this week – other than when I’m actually in my clinic and treating dogs.  THAT has actually been relaxing… because the rest of the time, I’m dealing with the emotions of my father dying suddenly on Feb 16th, and the fact that it has thrust my husband and I into the management of his 800+ head cow herd just as calving is starting.  (Which is stressful indeed, and has increased our workload 10-fold.  But we’ll get through, so let’s not go there.)


However, in all of the mess of emotions, stress, and workload, there have been a huge number of e-mail, phone-calls, and messages come in, in regards to what my Dad meant to other people and how he influenced them in some way.  I was most struck by the comments from other vets who had worked for him at some point in their career, citing my father as having a huge influence on them, their learning, and their development as veterinarians.  And so, it got me to thinking that despite the fact that my father and I had a tumultuous relationship, he had a huge influence on my life and my career.  


My love of animals, my understanding of animal behaviour, my exposure to & appreciation for veterinary medicine, my ability to memorize stuff, my sense of humour, and plenty of other things, I get from my father.  I then got to thinking about the other people that have influenced my life and career.  My mother, who is pragmatic, detail oriented, has leadership skills, and is a huge care giver.  Going back in time, my second ‘boss’ in the field of physiotherapy, Lesley Kerfoot, got me involved in animal physiotherapy/rehabilitation to begin with, taught me how to be a better physio, and gave me the encouragement, courage, and opportunity to start teaching in canine rehab as well.  Teachers, coaches, and 4-H leaders who helped to mould my personality, develop my skill sets, and encourage my development in a number of different directions.


I am appreciative of friends, neighbours, patients, clients, family members, in-laws, co-workers, bosses, employees, business partners, students, my kid’s friends, parents of my kid’s friends… and the list goes on, so many of whom have had an influence on shaping who I am today.  Shaping how I think, how I view the world, and how I create my life.  It’s astounding to think about it!  I am a believer that we are ‘here’ to learn, to grow, and to contribute to the betterment of the world in some way.  In MY head, that is the meaning of life.


So, at some point in time this week, I ask you to stop for a minute to think about all of the factors and people that have contributed to you.  Who made you… who you are today? And know that what you do has a far greater reach than you may think.  We’re not just helping dogs to move better… we’re making the world a better place too!  Okay, that’s it!  Now, get back to work folks!  


Cheers,  Laurie


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