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29 Apr 2018

Enhancing your Creativity


I don’t get much of a chance to ‘read’.  I seem to work 24/7.  If I’m not at my clinic, then I’m working on marketing & business related to my clinic, or creating educational content for Four Leg, preparing lectures, answering dozens of e-mails, doing some ‘stuff’ around the house or for kids, animals, or the hubby, and now some ranch duties as well.  So, I listen to books on audio CD (or, and the most recent one was Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal.  It was a fascinating book!  It’s likely easiest to describe it by taking a clip from the Amazon website:


“Why has generating "flow" and getting "into the zone" become the goal of the world's most elite organizations? Why are business moguls attending Burning Man? Why has meditation become a billion-dollar industry? Why are technology gurus turning to psychedelic drugs to unlock creativity?


All of these people are seeking to shift their state of mind as a way of unlocking their true potential. Altered states, the authors reveal, sharpen our decision-making capabilities, unleash creativity, fuel cooperation, and let us tap in to levels of inspiration and innovation unavailable at all other times. Stealing Fire combines cutting-edge research and firsthand reporting to explore a revolution in human performance - a movement millions of people strong to harness and utilize some of the most misunderstood and controversial experiences in history.”


The book almost had me wanting to go out and purchase some ‘psychotropic drugs’!!  But I shook myself out of that notion!  However, there was an underlying message, about needing to do something outside of your day to day ‘norm’ in order to get new ideas or spark your own creativity.


This past week, I was down teaching at the STAAR Conference.  (Big plug, it’s a fabulous continuing education conference… check it out for next year –  And, while, I was the sole instructor this year (normally there are several… but this was STAAR-Lite), I always learn something from getting to hang out with smart Vets, PTs, & Techs!  So, here’s a smattering of what I learned this week:

  • Did you know that Gabapentin also has inhibitory effects on muscle building?  So perhaps we should be cautious about using it in dog with whom we are working to build muscle!
  • Research has been conducted in Finland to map out some of the fascial trains in horses!!
  • The liquid crystalline collagen theory: There is a wonderful theory that helps marry acupuncture and energy work for example with biochemistry, cell biology, biophysics, and neurophysiology.
  • I saw a great technique for getting neuro dogs who ‘donkey sit’ to pull in both hind legs using a simultaneous flexor withdrawal reflex, in order to then practice sit to stands.
  • ‘Grouse’ is Australian slang for ‘good’.


These were just a couple of cool little things that I picked up!  But it all got me thinking about how does one enhance their creativity or renew their spark in what they do? The book talked about CEOs of companies going away to not only festivals and events to recharge, but also away for 3 days to a week at a time to just read the accumulation of ‘stuff’ that comes across one’s desk, or to try new / novel things (i.e. surf camp), or hang out with others to discuss / debate / brainstorm.  


So, my question to you is WHAT DO YOU DO TO ENHANCE YOUR CREATIVITY?  What Recharges you?  How do you stay engaged or ‘up level’ how you are interacting with life?


Share your thoughts with me!  Please fill out this survey!


Thanks!  Hopefully, I can share your answers and inspirations!


Until next time…   Cheers!



Tags: enhancing creativity , recharging , up levelling , Stealing Fire , inspiration

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