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06 May 2018

Survey Results – How do you recharge, revitalize, refresh, or spark your creativity?

Survey Cartoon

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.  This was a small survey with a handful of respondents, but with answers worth sharing with everyone.  Sit back, read, and think about how and what applies to you!


All respondents said that they did things to help energize themselves.


The question, “What RECHARGES you, so that you are refreshed and revitalized in your work?” was met with the following answers:

Getting outdoors and enjoy the sun and rest, gardening, exercise, holidays, being creative, coloring, sewing, reading, unwinding with friends, going to courses, conferences, and seminars.


The next question, “What do you do to help ENHANCE your CREATIVITY?  Or, when do you feel your creativity is enhanced?” was answered as follows:

Going for a walk and after exercise, watching videos, reading blogs and other people’s ideas and thoughts, watching TED talks, brainstorming with colleagues, doing something artistic. As well as feeling that creativity was enhanced by good smells and textures and when having wrapped up another project.



“What activities make you feel like you are growing, learning, and developing as a better practitioner / manager / boss / human being??”

This question revealed answers such as taking ‘me time’ (having a bath, exercise, reading), going to courses, conferences and structured learning, Physiopedia, entrepreneur workshops, volunteering, and listening to others (lots can be learned through conversation).  Additionally, putting into practice what has been learned, and being able to have the time and mental clarity to recall and/or apply what was learned.


“Anything else to share?”


“When I think of being creative, the first image through my mind is a child drawing with the fat eight-colored crayons, and having to come up with an idea to draw, that is unique and remarkable.”


“Having to do lists and tasks to complete but then scheduling a break for yourself.”


“I would love to have more time for myself.”


All in all, I think it’s just about doing something different and MAKING yourself do it!  I hope this wee blog helps to inspire you to figure out how you can add some spark to your life and juice up your creativity! 

Until next time…  Cheers!   Laurie


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