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24 Nov 2018

Building Relationships


Here’s a topic I’ve gone on about before.  It’s about building relationships!


Relationships are going to be foundational to growing your business or to keeping you afloat!

I came across the following blog that discussed this concept a bit further:


The author talks about how his business is 50% word of mouth and 50% from the internet! When he started his clinic, he spent thousands of dollars marketing, but that the marketing wasn’t what brought in the customers.  Even when he stopped spending money to market, he ended up with more clients and a waiting list!!!


Now, don’t ‘hear’ this wrong!  He has a website and sends out e-mails and blogs… but he’s not dumping money into wasted advertising.  He’s building relationships instead.  He’s advocating talking to people!  (Novel concept, eh?!)  He says, introduce yourself to people, shake hands, get to know other human beings!


So, what can you do as inexpensive POWERFUL marketing strategies around building relationships:


  1. Spend time chatting with your clients.  Find out about them, their families, their interests, etc.  
  2. Go to events!  Have a booth.  Watch an event.  Go see your client(s) at a dog event.
  3. Go to other dog-related businesses.  Say hi!  Find out about their business.  This includes vet practices as well as doggy-daycares, pet stores, etc.  Make it a trip to learn about them.  If they want your materials, go back with it (and say hi again).
  4. Just meet people!  Random people.  Last week, I gave my card out twice at yoga!!!
  5. Thank people for their referrals!  (Not just referring doctors, but your past clients or dog businesses… they all deserve a thank you!)
  6. Host an event!  Give a talk, a lecture, etc.  Let people get to know you and you can get to know them too.
  7. Build relationships with folks by adding personality to your blogs, or vlogs (video blogs), or podcast, or create a webinar.  


Really, it’s just about putting yourself out there.  Meet people.  Be accessible.  Strengthen your existing relationships!


This is going to be better than any ad you could place in the local paper!

That’s your homework for the week!  Have fun with it!


Cheers!  Laurie


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