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29 Dec 2018

The ONE Item New Year’s Resolution

 New Year's Resolutions

I was debating what to write about for this week’s blog.  Would I go searching for new research, wait to see if an interesting case presented itself, or come up with an inspiring New Year’s blog full of inspiration and hope?  However, none of those things manifested or felt right.  I wasn’t inspired enough!  


You see, I’m going through a stressful time right now.   I’m part of a small group of folks who are helping a mutual friend as she is going through the final months, weeks, or days of her life (things are terminal, and nobody knows how long she has left.  But it’s not long.).  It is taking up a lot of energy, but has made me think about my own life.  So, as I sit around feeling bloated and fat (curse Christmas), overwhelmed with the events of 2018 (great, another business to run), and depressed about my exponentially growing ‘to do’ list, the thought of making a New Year’s Resolution made me want to scream. (I had started to see New Year’s resolution cartoons pop up on Facebook!)  But then I found the right perspective, and if it resonates with you, then feel free to adopt it.


My New Year’s Resolution if to be kind to myself.  Are you underwhelmed?  Don’t be.  It fits everything!


Am I beating myself up that I SHOULD be… {exercising, reading, researching, visiting with family, calling the kids, cleaning my house, brushing the dogs, walking the dogs, doing laundry, writing a blog, answering questions, calling a referring vet, painting my toe nails, washing my hair, brushing my teeth, and so on}?  I think what I have to ask myself is, “Is this being kind to myself?” or ‘What can I do to be kind to myself in light of this particular ‘to do’ item?”


Perhaps there are things you can put off in order to be kind to your psyche.  To not beat yourself up. (i.e. Do you NEED to clean your house right now? – Maybe not!  Are you too exhausted to exercise and you need an extra hour of sleep instead? – Then do that!)


Perhaps doing something IS being kind to yourself (i.e. going to yoga, reading that book, watching that video).


Perhaps you can do something for yourself that will make another task more enjoyable (i.e. make yourself a cup of tea before sitting down to call that vet, or write that blog, or do the google search).


Perhaps you can reframe a ‘Should” task to a “Benefits’ task.  (i.e. Instead of thinking that the family visit is taking too long when you have things to do, think instead about what you are getting from the visit – Relaxation? Laugher? Positive energy?  Love?  Karma points!?!


For me right now, I have way too many “SHOULD’s’ in my life.  So, this was my epiphany.  I’m going to be kind to myself, and when I get stressed or overwhelmed, I’m going to remember to be kind to myself.  In fact, perhaps I should put up some post-it notes as a reminder.  No!  Wait!  Not ‘should’!  Perhaps I will give myself the gift of post-it notes all over my house.  There we go!  I’m on my way now!


Happy New Year to all of you!  May 2019 bless you with happiness, health, prosperity, and kindness!


Cheers!  Laurie


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