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04 Jan 2020

Guest Blog - Stairs versus Ramps... and don't forget to train for it!

Zuri Pet Loader

Hooray!  I love when I get some interaction!  After last weeks blog post,,-Stairs,-or-What? I received an e-mail communication that builds beautifully on the blog.  Thank you to Sonya Bevan, B.Sc. (Physio.), Dip Canine Behaviour Science & Technology (With Distinction) of Dog Charming in Australia for this commentary and the videos as well! 

(reprinted with permission)


Hi Laurie,

Happy New Year!


Thanks for that great blog on a really practical topic. I have the PetLoader and highly recommend it. It’s a little heavy but I used mine everyday with my amputee and I also used a lighter ramp. The ramp was easier for me but so much harder for her, so I sucked up the weight and changed my mindset to getting my biceps curls in every day. She struggled with the ramp, slipped on it, needed a run up to get traction and it took a lot more effort than the steps. Admittedly I needed a longer one; had an SUV so higher gradient. She could also rest after taking a step where she couldn’t stop once she had committed to the ramp. Upside of the ramp was that she has a prosthetic leg which didn’t need to come off using the ramp. It was not possible for her to get clearance on the steps when wearing it. But again, I used to take it off for the car journey anyway most times so she was more comfortable lying down.


Here’s us in action learning to use it with four legs in preparation for use after the amputation:

And after the amputation it was the only way I could have got her to the vet (the last few seconds of this video is soon after amputation).

Ps I highly recommend training before any scheduled surgery to get confidence and for safety (waiting, not jumping etc)


Sonya Bevan


I personally thought these were great videos and that the communication above added a great point!  Train the dog to use the ramp or stairs before he or she needs it!

If you want to check out more about Sonya, you can check out her website: and her YouTube Channel Zurison - 


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