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31 Oct 2020

Pulling out of the covid rut

Gandhi Animal Quote

This week’s theme for me has been the sense of monotony.  Hum-drum.  Boredom.  Same thing day after day.  I find that I wake up in the morning and the first question I ask myself is, ‘Work day or Home day?’  I sense of glimmer of panic that I just might get it wrong one day and find myself having a relaxing cup of coffee when I should be at my clinic seeing a patient!    


I’ve been articulating this to my clients as well.  Most of whom are having similar issues around the monotony of Covid-life.  I had told one client, “I miss the bookends.”  By bookends, I mean the punctuation marks in my schedule.  The events.  The targets.  The deadlines.  The goals.  The things that change the run-on-sentence that life seems to be right now.  I miss them not just because I miss looking forward to teaching somewhere, going to a football game or the theatre, or planning a vacation, etc., but because without the ‘bookends’ I’m finding that I’ve lost some of my ‘drive’ as well.


Normally, if I were to have a trip coming up.  I would know that I’d need to plan ahead to have blogs pre-written, Four Leg content pre-recorded, and marketing for my clinic set and ready.  However, with this ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ of existence right now.  I’m not as organized.  Not as driven.  Not as focused. Not as accomplished.  I feel like I’m just a bunch of ‘Nots’!!!

In an attempt to pull myself out of the funk, I’ve gone back to listening to more Audiobooks, Podcasts, and YouTube videos that are less ‘business focused’.  Maybe this is counterintuitive, but hear me out!


I found the 25th Anniversary edition of Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  I first discovered this book in the 90’s.  Oprah had Gary Zukav on her show over 30 times!!!  And I loved Oprah and watched her whenever I could.  I found this book transformative then… so I figured I’d give it a listen a second time and purchased it on Audiobooks.  It’s not for everyone (hmm, maybe it should be), and it’s a bit ‘mind bending’… but I love the concepts.  This is just Earth School, and we’re here to experience things that contribute to our evolution as souls and for the collective consciousness of all souls (and subsequently mankind and so on).   Yah, yah… I know, it’s a bit flakey for some, but here’s what I take away from it now.


  • •Focusing on the sheer pursuit of money (or other physical possession or achievement), is just superficial.  It does not constitute a life well lived, nor does it contribute to the evolution of a soul (and subsequently one’s well-being or larger purpose in life).  The same holds true for building a bigger business or empire of businesses or facets of a business.  So, what am I focusing on?
  • •The “WHY” for doing something needs to be at the forefront of the ‘doing something’.  Contributing to the health of animals, which in turn contributes to the betterment of the lives of their owners, which in turn improves society, has been my ‘Why’.  I’ve felt this about what I do for YEARS!  So, I think it’s correct for me.  It’s also a theme I’ve noted in the work or sayings of others.  As an example, Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why speaks to the point of explaining WHY you are doing something if you want others to follow, be inspired, work together, and so on.  There are quotes that tap into this such as Gandhi’s quote, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  So, I think my “why” in life is a good one.
  • •Take this opportunity to learn from the current situation we are in.  Are you focusing on what matters most to you?  Is it time to reinvent yourself?  Is there something you want to change? Can you simplify? How should you be focusing your time, intention, efforts, and so on?
  • •Take the time to hone your intuition skills and learn about the signs that your body is giving you in that regard.  Do you feel a dread in the pit of your stomach over an issue?  Does thinking about something give you anxiety that you feel in your chest?  Do you get a headache when doing a certain task?  Linger with those thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Mentally test drive scenarios and solutions and see if you can discover a path forwards that relieves the physical manifestations causing you grief.  That’s how you use intuition to guide you or to solve your problems.
  • •And my last bullet point doesn’t come from the book.  Instead it comes from an interview of Matthew McConaughey (when I went down the YouTube rabbit hole).  He said, look up the ORIGINAL definition of Success in the Webster dictionary.  So, I did, and here it is:
     In 1806, the definition of Success in the Webster dictionary was to be fortunate, happy, kind and prosperous. In 2013, the definition of success is the attainment of wealth, fame and power. 

My apologies to those of you for whom this blog doesn’t resonate.  It actually started out as a blog about “How to stop procrastinating.”  Seriously… I deleted the title about half way through writing this, when I realized that I was not talking about productivity anymore!  Yet, that’s where intuition took me… so I’ll take it as a sign that it must be right!


So, I’m going to go sit with myself and search for my new meaning of life.  Reconnect with my “WHY”.  See if I can tap into my intuition to discover new paths, new inspirations or sift through all of the “To Do’s” on my list and figure out which ones are important now.  Sort of like an authentication process.  “Who are you now?”  Because when you find that… there’s no need to search YouTube videos on how to stop procrastinating.  You just ‘do’, and in ‘doing’, you become 1806 successful!


Whoa!  That’s a different blog for this week.  

With love and gratitude for all y’all who read this…




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