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16 Jul 2017

My Appendix Story

  So, here’s my story and how it might relate to helping our animal patients heal. Last Saturday I was awakened by stomach pains at about 5 am.  Just diffuse abdominal pain.  I went to the bathroom figuring that a good cleansing vomit would be coming shortly.  Three hours later, I was correct.  And that is when I had my husband phone my business partner to cancel my patients and ask if she would see the wheelchair fitting case that was coming in first thi... More

09 Jul 2017

Blog - Shockwave & Shoulder Pathology

For this blog post, I just wanted to share one of the articles reviewed in the latest FourLeg News.  Cheers!   Becker W, Kowaleski MP, McCarthy RJ, Blake CA.  Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for shoulder lameness in dogs. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 51: 15-19, 2015. This was a retrospective study of dogs that had received shockwave therapy for shoulder lameness at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.  Dogs included in the study were those that had f... More

02 Jul 2017

Beware of the Definitive Diagnosis Trap

 I came across the following: Beware believing or giving a definite diagnoses. It might ossify your approach & (by default) your treatments.Ossified Diagnoses : Everyone Loses.Adaptive Diagnoses : Everyone Smartens. It was a blog post.  Just 4 lines!  But how very profound!   Firstly, I do think that when you go to treat, you need to be working from some sort of a diagnosis, even if it&rsqu... More

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