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17 Sep 2017

Static Stretching – To Do or Not To Do?!

This blog come from a podcast: Static stretches are often given to (or done for) patients as a treatment for poor flexibility, or done simply because we think we ‘should’. The primary thing we need to think about here is ‘what do you think you’re doing’?  Do you think you are elongating the muscle?  Do you think you are helping the patient accommodate to the sensation of muscle e... More

10 Sep 2017

Are you defined by the technique?

A blog recently came across my desk.  It started out like this: “I am a physical therapist.  I am a physical therapist who uses manual therapy.  One who uses exercise in many forms.  I use pain neuroscience and specific treatments to address persistent pain (PNE, graded motor imagery, graded activity and exposure).  I dry needle.  I use heat, ice and, hell, sometimes I might use ultrasound.  However, the most important clinical “technique&rdquo... More

03 Sep 2017

When things aren't right!

P.S. The picture is just a joke... but the rest of the blog is real!This blog comes about as a result of an ever-present argument I see brought forth (mostly by vets and technicians) in regards to “PT’s needing to be supervised by a vet, because they might not recognize other issues or comorbidities in their animal patients.”  Now, flat out, I’m going to say that I don’t agree with this statement, especially as someone that has taught vets and techs how to reco... More

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