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12 Nov 2017

Making a Physical Diagnosis

 This blog comes about, just after I wrote a letter advocating for physiotherapists to be allowed to summarize their findings and actually call our summation a PHYSICAL diagnosis to one of the veterinary boards up here in Canada.  There seems to be a huge bit of concern regarding the term ‘diagnosis’ and that it should only pertain to something that can be defined using diagnostic imaging or lab tests:  i.e. your dog has a fracture or cushings.  However, there are... More

05 Nov 2017

Manual therapy research

Are you familiar with the following paper? Krekoukias et al., Spinal mobilization vs conventional physiotherapy in the management of chronic low back pain due to spinal disk degeneration: a randomized controlled trial.  J Man Manip Ther 25 (2017) 66-73.  This RCT compared the effectiveness of spinal mobilization/manual therapy (MT) vs. conventional physiotherapy (CP) vs. sham treatment (ST) in subjects with low back pain and associa... More

29 Oct 2017

Old and Chubby

 I found a blog on tips for encouraging healthy pet diets ( and it reminded me of a couple of stories. A longtime client at my clinic was bringing his dog in for his underwater treadmill (UWT) appointment.  He stopped to weigh his dog first (which he always does).  The poor boy was up a few pounds, despite coming to UWT 2 – 3 x / week.  The owner had made a comment that he was having a ha... More

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