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25 Mar 2018

Are you describing that correctly?

An interesting concept is springing up in human medicine.  It is that being cognizant of choosing how to describe our diagnoses and being aware of the impact that your words might have.  The concept goes further to say that when you describe things using medical jargon or common phrasing (such as ‘you have a bulging disc’ or ‘a full thickness tear’, etc) it may lead the client toward catastrophizing the problem and can reduce their ability to incorporate or empl... More

18 Mar 2018

Terminal Extension!

 I came across a very timely blog.  It was about terminal knee extension and the reasons why you (as a therapist… or as a patient too, really) NEED to restore it after a surgery / injury / etc.It’s timely as well because I have just invented a new exercise for my canine shoulder patients… who also seem to lose terminal shoulder extension.  Okay, but first, I give credit for the inspiration to: More

11 Mar 2018

We’re the super heroes!

Okay, this one is a mix of fun, inspiration, and a good solid pat on the back!  I came across a blog entitled:  Top 10 honest reasons why physios are heroes.    The physio who writes it tends to like to use expletives (which I’m okay with… but I know others might be shocked by), so I’m going to reiterate it in less ‘colourful&... More

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