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10 Nov 2018

The Diaphragm and Treating the Neck!

 Wee!  I love when I come across a paper that presents something amazing from out of left field.  Here’s one that does exactly that! McCoss CA, Johnston R, Edwards DJ, Millward C. Preliminary evidence of Regional Interdependent Inhibition, using a 'Diaphragm Release' to specifically induce an immediate hypoalgesic effect in the cervical spine. J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2017 Apr;21(2):362-374.  Let me break it down. Basically the articles goes into saying that man... More

03 Nov 2018

Medial Shoulder Hypermobility unless proven otherwise

In combing through some recent journal articles, I found one that sparked some inspiration for this week’s blog.   Does muscle guarding play a role in range of motion loss in patients with frozen shoulder?Hollmann, L. et al.Musculoskeletal Science & Practice , Volume 37 , 64 – 68 Here’s the gist of the article:  Idiopathic frozen shoulder presents with progressive shoulder movement restriction, and the average length of symptoms is 30 months until s... More

27 Oct 2018

Book Now!

 This week I decided to do a business & marketing blog since the Member’s Training is on business & marketing as well.  Keeping your brain working in a single category for the week!   My question to you is how do your patients book in with you?  Is it appointment by appointment of a series of sessions at a time?  Perhaps you have super-sleuthed what I think the answer should be already simply by reading the title of this blog post!  Quite fra... More

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