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18 Jan 2019

Follow Up on Distance Consultations

Only a handful of responses came in regarding the Distance Consult Blog and Survey.  However, the handful that did come in are interesting. Firstly, there was a response to it on the FourLeg Facebook page. “Thanks for bringing this up, Laurie. I think it is one of those topics nobody talks about and we should be talking about! #elephantintheroom, #hitthenailonthehead ..... palpation is what we do and the legal aspect of this is terrifying. ..... not to mention signs of ... More

12 Jan 2019

Tele-Canine Rehab

So, this blog sort of jumps out from way out of the blue!  I just happened to come across a postcast on the topic and it got me thinking!   I am also on a huge Facebook group – Canine Conditioning and Body Awareness Exercises – and often folks are seeking a canine rehab person to do a distance consult for them.  I admit, I’ve never really ... More

05 Jan 2019

The gift of ignorance!

Here’s a crazy thought!  It was passed on to me by my business partner. I had just said how I wanted to help one of our staff therapists with her hip pain, but that I was far less knowledgeable than some of the therapists she had already seen for her issue already.  My business partner said, “Well, ignorance is sometimes a good thing.”  I raised an inquisitive eyebrow!  She went on to say that she had heard a radio program where they were talking about ignor... More

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