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20 Apr 2019

Thicken your diaphragm

You’ve got the balls, and balance equipment.  You’ve got some blocks.  You’ve got plans.  And, you’ve heard that you should be training the dog’s core!  Now when we think of core, most of our brains automatically go to the abdominal muscles.  However, a recent research paper tells us that perhaps we should be acknowledging the effects of stability training on the diaphragm! Dülger, E,  Bilgin, S, Bulut, E et al.  The effe... More

13 Apr 2019

Pinched Nerves in the Neck and TRACTION

 Pinched nerves can cause lameness and offloading of a limb.  In people we call pain that runs down a limb, ‘a radiculopathy’.  Dogs would surely have the same… if they could talk!  However, offloading a limb and lameness might be doggy signs of a pinched nerve. I had two cases come by this week that made me suspect pinched nerves or nerve root impingement.   The only trouble is that in both cases, neither of them have neck pain.   ... More

06 Apr 2019

Afraid to Progress Update

  Remember the blog post that went up on March 9th, 2019 entitled Afraid to Progress?  It recapped the story of an agility dog that came to me after 5 months of being in hobbles for a left shoulder instability issue.   Essentially, the dog’s vet and the animal chiropractor that had been managing the case were unsure of how to progress and/or simply weren’t challenging the dog (and the tissues) in ... More

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