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18 Jan 2020

What kind of manual therapy do you start with?

This past weekend, I was teaching my Advanced Manual Therapy for the Canine Spine course here in Calgary.  (It’s my favourite course!  I think the information is a real game changer in rehab practice!)  Anyways, I was asked a question.  “Do you do soft tissue work before doing the mobilizations?”  Good question.  Good enough for a blog post topic!  So here we go! I remember back when I was treating humans, and there were a few times when ... More

11 Jan 2020

How wide is your pulse? E-stim settings

So, while looking up a wee factoid (milliseconds versus microseconds) in regards to pulse duration on an e-stim, I came across an interesting paper. Gorgey AS & Dudley GA.  The role of pulse duration and stimulation duration in maximizing the normalized torque during neuromuscular electrical stimulation.  J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2008, 38(8): 508-516. So, the premise of the study was to see whether a protocol of longer NMES duration was better than a protocol of short d... More

04 Jan 2020

Guest Blog - Stairs versus Ramps... and don't forget to train for it!

Hooray!  I love when I get some interaction!  After last weeks blog post,,-Stairs,-or-What? I received an e-mail communication that builds beautifully on the blog.  Thank you to Sonya Bevan, B.Sc. (Physio.), Dip Canine Behaviour Science & Technology (With Distinction) of Dog Charming in Australia for this commentary and the videos as well!  (reprinted with permission) Hi Lau... More

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