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22 Aug 2020

Book Review: A Clinicians Guide to Myofascial Pain in the Canine Patient

Hey all!  For this blog, I wanted to do a bit of a book review.  This time, it’s for the book entitled:A Clinicians Guide to Myofascial Pain in the Canine Patient by Dr. Michele Broadhurst.Dr. Broadhurst is a chiropractor, trained in South Africa and additionally certified in animal chiropractic, canine rehabilitation, as a chiropractic sports physician, and a chiropractic acupuncturist.  She currently resides in Colorado, USA. The book is a very readable 224 pages, wit... More

15 Aug 2020


The following information comes from this paper:Duchesne E, Dufresne SS, Dumont NA. Impact of Inflammation and Anti-inflammatory Modalities on Skeletal Muscle Healing: From Fundamental Research to the Clinic. Phys Ther. 2017;97(8):807-817. Some snippets from the abstract:Although inflammation was originally believed to interfere with skeletal muscle regeneration, several recent studies have highlighted the beneficial effects of inflammatory cells on muscle healing. To better appreciate... More

08 Aug 2020

Myopathy & Delayed Tendon Healing in Medically Challenged Patients

The following question was sent to me via e-mail. Is there any research to support or dispute there is delayed scarring in for dogs that have Cushing’s disease, Diabetes, obesity or even old age with cranial cruciate ligament injuries, dogs with either with an extracapsular surgery or no surgery at all? It seems like more of these pups take longer to create any functional stability from the scar tissue when they have opted for conservative management. Your thoughts? So, I di... More

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