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24 Oct 2020

Outcome measures – Yay or Nay?

I came across an interesting blog.  It makes some good points and expresses some thoughts that I’ve had myself.  First off, the title is Outcome Measures Suck.  Eek!  We’re not supposed to say that outload or even think that, right?  But I admit, I have thought that!  More than once.  Okay, so let’s dive into it. The blog was written by Adam Meakins of .  He’s a specialist physiotherapist with additional qu... More

16 Oct 2020

How many home exercises do you prescribe?

For this blog inspiration, I give credit to Silvia Lavallee (PT) from Manitoba, Canada.  She forwarded an elbast that the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association sent out to their members on this topic. Here’s the full blurb:

Clinical PearlSubmitted by Sarah Conci, Instructor, CoRS How many exercises should I prescribe in a patient’s home exercise program? A question that came up recently for me was: How many exercises should I include in a patient’s home ex... More

10 Oct 2020

Two for the Price of One - Aging, Weakness, & Patellar Luxation

In this week’s blog, I want to talk about ‘late onset patellar luxation’.  Now, I bet some of you are thinking, ‘late onset, what the heck is that?’  Well, have you have seen a dog that is aging or who has suffered some rear end or rear limb weakness, who has a concomitant patellar luxation?  I’m betting you have!  Is the patellar luxation a primary problem?  A secondary problem?  Was it there all along?  Let’s discuss!... More

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