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17 Sep 2012

Hot, Cold & Laser...

Question – Is it important when using a laser that the patient is not warmed up?  I know in my course-work, I was taught that ice increases the effectiveness of the laser.  I have always tried to laser first before I do anything.  Now that I have an assistant it is really hard to do this routinely, as we only have one laser.  Is it still effective if they get a laser treatment after massage, mobilization or exercise?  I can’t find any research on this topic.C... More

27 Dec 2015

Commentary about the Weak, Ataxic Dog & a little about laser

Sometimes I am a little behind on watching videos and reading blogs.  I just read the blog about the weak ataxic dogs.  I do agree with you.   My own Rottweiler was a case in point.  When she was probably around 6-7 yrs I noticed that she was getting weak in the hind end.  I always felt it was her neck or back, but could never get a pain response from her.  I had our neurologist look at her as well as the surgeon.  The only thing they came up with was that... More

30 Jul 2017

Trial & Error OR Trial & Success!

 I recently treated a human.  What?  A human?  Yes!  A real human that was actually happy to have me work on her! Here’s the story.  The human in question is a therapist that works with me at my clinic.  She was walking her dog, and her arm was out to the side and yanked backward horizontally all of the sudden when her dog at the end of the leash ran backwards to get away from a charging terrier!  It sore a bit then, but no pop, and no excruciat... More

07 Jan 2018

Laser and Growth Plates

 Not so long ago we had a surgeon state that all of the lasering we had been doing to one of his patients had caused the growth plates to close prematurely.  It was a young dog, for whom we were providing pre-hab for a torn ACL while we waited for growth plates to close in order for a TPLO to be performed. So, 1) feeling horrible that this could be true, and 2) wanting to combat the accusation, I went to my trusty friend PubMed to see what she had to say.  (P.S.  I figur... More

14 Jan 2018

Guest Blog - LLLT/PBM vs Active Epiphyses

by Peter A Jenkins, MBA A frequently-recurring question regarding the clinical use of Laser Therapy is whether treating over active epiphyses is contraindicated.  The general list of contraindications to Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – now, formally, Photobiomodulation (PBM) – in physiotherapy has largely been carried over from other active modalities, such as ultrasound and e-stim, and accepted without question and with an overabundance of caution, as applying to las... More

04 Mar 2018

Guest Blog - Can I Laser for Osteosarcoma?

By Peter Jenkins, MBA– The question of laser therapy (aka photobiomodulation - PBMT) vs cancer is a common one, and, typically, you'll see cancer and neoplasia listed as contraindications for laser therapy.  However, it's not always the case that laser treatment should be withheld from patients with known or suspected cancer, nor that irradiation of a tumor mass itself is necessarily contraindicated. There is nothing in the literature specifically reg... More

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