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02 Apr 2017

Puppy epiphanies

On Saturday, I had an interesting conversation with one of my coworkers.  She was telling me about two dogs she had seen recently; one a puppy and one a 3-year old.  Both dogs had been referred with essentially an ‘open diagnosis’ (i.e. the others that had seen the dogs didn’t know why the dogs were moving oddly.)  Basically, my colleague found not much more than uncoordinated dogs that didn’t know where their rear ends were.  She had noted that in bot... More

20 Aug 2017

Growth Spurts & Back Pain

 I had a patient in last week.  A 6-month-old Portuguese Water Dog puppy.  He had SIJ pain and dysfunction, and pelvic asymmetry.  Now, this is a puppy I’ve been following since he came to this owner at approximately 2ish months of age.  So, I can tell you, that last month he was not asymmetric and did not have SIJ pain.  I worked on his SIJ, but it took many tries, and a myriad of different techniques until I was able to reduce the pain and improve the s... More

07 Jan 2018

Laser and Growth Plates

 Not so long ago we had a surgeon state that all of the lasering we had been doing to one of his patients had caused the growth plates to close prematurely.  It was a young dog, for whom we were providing pre-hab for a torn ACL while we waited for growth plates to close in order for a TPLO to be performed. So, 1) feeling horrible that this could be true, and 2) wanting to combat the accusation, I went to my trusty friend PubMed to see what she had to say.  (P.S.  I figur... More

14 Jan 2018

Guest Blog - LLLT/PBM vs Active Epiphyses

by Peter A Jenkins, MBA A frequently-recurring question regarding the clinical use of Laser Therapy is whether treating over active epiphyses is contraindicated.  The general list of contraindications to Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – now, formally, Photobiomodulation (PBM) – in physiotherapy has largely been carried over from other active modalities, such as ultrasound and e-stim, and accepted without question and with an overabundance of caution, as applying to las... More

12 May 2018

Puppy Findings

This week’s blog is just to relate a story to you!   As many of you would be aware (if you’ve been following me for a while), I highly recommend that breeders bring in their litter of puppies for a full assessment when they are about 6 – 8 weeks of age and before they head off to their new home.  In any litter, I tend to find about 50% of the puppies have wee minor issues (in their spine, ribs, or pelvis) which are very fixable!To NOT fix such things, I thin... More

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