Affordable!  Effective!  No sedation required!  Well tolerated!  Easy to use! 


Here's the scoop... I have set myself up to be able to distribute an awesome Portable Shockwave unit!  This is the unit that I have, use, and love in my clinic, The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd.  It's a radial shockwave.  I can use it without sedation, the dogs tolerate it very well, and it is helping tons of dogs in my clinic!

Check out the unit!


  TheUnit   Shockwave 


Features & benefits:

  • Simple, user-friendly navigation
  • Transmission gel bottle holder
  • Transport handle
  • Mode: single shock / continuous shock 1-15Hz
  • 1-4 Bars of pressure, infinitely variable
  • DC quiet compressor
  • Universal power supply 110V-240V, 50-60Hz Mains
  • 3 year warranty (accessories 1 year)


And how do dogs tolerate it?  Check out this video!



What does research show?  Take a look at these studies!


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08 Aug 2016
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08 Aug 2016
Not convinced about shockwave yet? How about some more papers to help convince you!




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Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt, CAFCI, CCRT