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Sep 2012

Fitness Testing - For Dogs!!

This blog contains a couple of reviews of articles as found in the Sept-Oct 2012 Four Leg Newsletter.  There really hasn’t been much done with dogs in regards to clinical fitness testing... so these two articles really fascinate me... and get me thinking!


Swimmer RA, Rozanski EA. Evaluation of the 6 minute walk test (6MWT) in pet dogs.  J Vet Intern Med.  2011 March; 25(2): 405–406.

69 healthy dogs & 6 dogs with cardiopulmonary disease took part. Physical characteristics of the dogs, including age, leg length, body condition score and weight were recorded

Test:   Dogs walked for 6 minutes in a hallway and the distance covered was measured.

Healthy dogs walked 522.7± 52.4 meters, while sick dogs (n=6) walked 384.8± 41.0 meters (P < 0.001). There was low(r=0.13) to moderate (r=0.27) correlation in the healthy dogs between physical characteristics and distances walked.

Boddy KN, Roche BM, Schwartz DS et al.  Evaluation of the six-minute walk test in dogs. Am J Vet Res. 2004 Mar: 65(3): 311–313.

16 young mature male hound-crossbred dogs.  Test:  Hallway walking.  Dog set its own pace.  Heart rate was recoded and mean systemic arterial pressure

Dogs with CHF had a significant increase in resting HR, significant decrease in MAP, and a significant decrease in the distance walked in 6 minutes. The MAP increased slightly after exercise during the control period but decreased slightly after exercise during the CHF period. Fractional shortening decreased significantly when dogs had CHF.


So question to you:  Have any of you found articles pertaining to fitness testing for dogs (clinically - preferably)?  Another area for research I think!!