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Oct 2012

My Week in Review

So I’d like to start off by stating my amazement that I receive NO e-mails n response to my ‘Relationship Marketing’ blog last week!  Zero, Nada, Zip!  Well, either I really missed my mark on that one (i.e. you don’t want marketing tips) OR, I’m speaking a whole other language!  I’m kinda leaning towards the latter – based on the survey I did back in August – many of you DO want marketing assistance.  I just have to say, I LOVE marketing.  I read books on it, I’ve taken several courses on it, and I’m signed up for weekly & monthly marketing tidbits/advise/instruction.  It is the lifeblood of a healthy business.  However, many professionals are taught (and believe) that simply doing a good job is enough to have a sustainable business… and it is.  But it’s not enough to achieve a THRIVING business!  So, I have plans to create a ‘Marketing a Canine Rehab Business Blueprint to help others to substantially increase their canine rehab profits!  Keep following the posts – and you’ll be the first to know about it!! 

This week, I have seen some great patients.  A little yorki with full paralysis following a shaking incident by another dog:  This week her forelimb extensor tone was significantly reduced, the hind legs are weak, but now initiating steps.  We are working on standing practice as well as rolling exercises… and I’m fairly confident we will get her walking unassisted again by the end of October!!!

I also had a couple of older dogs come in with an ‘acute episode’ of chronic medial shoulder instability signs.  But what’s interesting is that in both cases, the owners noted that a) the dog had some front leg lameness; b) the dog’s leg occasionally appeared to ‘give way’ or ‘buckle’… almost neurologic in appearance & description.  Both dogs had no neurologic signs, no neck, thoracic or rib pain, no soft tissue injuries in the limb and no joint pain.  They just had exaggerated shoulder abduction in one limb and an excessive medial glide (or drawer) of the humerus relative to the glenoid.  I’ve seen this before in other dogs too!  So, I’m passing it along.  Check for medial shoulder instability with histories such as these. 

Lastly, I just want to pass on a piece of advice for those of you with an underwater treadmill (UWT).  It is a common complaint of UWT-users that ‘after-purchase’ servicing is less than stellar with many of UWT-companies!  So… IF you have issues with your water, heater, or pumps – try calling your local hot tub company for assistance.  If the darn thing stops working… call a heavy-duty mechanic (i.e. guys that fix tractors or industrial equipment).  I’m married to one of these guys… and thank God!!! Because he has figured out and fixed so many things with our treadmill that I’ve lost count on how many favours I owe him!  Alternately, you should marry (or hire) a millright (essentially a jack-of-all-trades with mechanical equipment).  Now, THIS body of advice is worth its weight in gold! 

Well, that’s it for now!  All the best to you!