Are you like so many of the rest of your canine rehab colleagues out there?

  • You took the courses.
  • You obtained your certification.
  • You had good intentions of applying your knowledge,
  • ...But then daily life and routines got in the way!
  • You forgot some of what you learned.
  • You wonder if there was more you should have learned.

Thus leaving you with the realization that you now have more questions than answers!

If this describes you, or you are someone simply looking for more canine rehab resources, then this website is for you!

I have been practicing canine rehab since 1993 and teaching since 1999. During this time I've heard from many of you. Asking questions about cases. Telling me that you wish you could go back and learn the materials again. Questioning me about my canine rehab business (The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd) and how we have made it successful. And asking me for resources to help with your practice and continued learning.


So this is it! This website is for all of you!

Click around. Monthly membership is affordable and "Get Free Stuff" is always a bargain! AND if there is something you'd like to see – just let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate.

"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!"  

-Cheers!   Laurie Edge-Hughes


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