Helpful Resources for Your Animal Rehab Practice
(North America)

Laurie’s Canine Rehab Practice

The Canine Fitness Centre – Calgary, Alberta

Animal Rehab Products

Canadian Animal Rehab Services

Handicapped Pets

Vital Vet

Therapaw (Canada) (UK) (NZ)

Hero Braces 

Orthopets (orthotics & prosthetics)

Spectravet Lasers

Respond Systems Lasers & Magnetic Field Therapy

Doggon’ Wheels – wheelchairs for dogs

Eddie’s Wheels – wheelchairs for dogs

Walkin' Wheels - wheelchairs / other products 

Walkabout Harness – slings for dogs

Help ‘Em Up Harness – slings for dogs

Stance Analyzer / Weight Bearing Measurement System 

Canine Rehab Systems 

Animal Rehab Basic Education

The Animal Rehab Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association 

The Canine Rehab Institute 

Northeast Seminars / University of Tennessee  (Canine) (Equine)

The Animal Rehab Institute (Equine)

The Healing Oasis 

Animal Rehab Continuing Education

The Canine Rehab Institute

International Association of Veterinary Rehab and Physical Therapy

Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation 

Full Spectrum Canine Therapy

Advanced Courses

Pain Management

Find a Practitioner:

The Animal Rehab Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

The Canine Rehab Institute

The University of Tennessee / Northeast Seminars   (Canine)   (Equine)

The Equine Rehab Institute 

Canine Rehab Systems - Find a Pro (US) 


Vital Vet (World-wide) 

Cool Stuff:

Online CANINE Exercise Prescription Platform


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