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The practice of Canine Rehab is so very rewarding, and those of us in the industry tend to be very dedicated individuals!!  If you already practice in the field of canine rehab, you might find these articles useful for marketing your services to referring veterinarians or simply read them as a review for yourself.  If you have not obtained training in canine rehab, you might find these articles to be a good source of information for your general knowledge.  


Evidence Based Physiotherapy

26 Mar 2012
Presented at the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Convention, Calgary, Alberta, July 2010

Physical Therapy, Physiotherapists and Animal Rehabilitation

26 Mar 2012
The field of animal health care is changing rapidly. This phenomenon is partly due to the knowledge transfer from the human health care field to the veterinary field, but also to the fact that animal owners are expecting and demanding more alternative health care options and a wider range of services for their pets.

Rehabilitation Pyramid

26 Mar 2012
Rehabilitation pyramid (from Hertel, Deneger: A rehabilitation paradigm for restoring neuromuscular control following injury. Athl Ther Today, 3: 12 – 16; 1998)

Survey of the Practice of Animal Physiotherapy Internationally

26 Mar 2012
Presented as an oral abstract at the 2008 Congress of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Ottawa, Ontario

What You Should Know Before You Buy A Therapeutic Laser

26 Mar 2012
Hold onto your sunglasses! You’ve seen them in the exhibit hall at the conferences, you’ve heard about them in the lectures, you’re seeing them advertised in magazines, and maybe your colleagues are extolling their virtues.


26 Mar 2012
The animal industry has always been closely akin to the human field of medicine in many aspects. Surgical and diagnostic procedures, techniques, and equipment developed for humans are swift to appear in veterinary practice shortly there after.

Interprofessional Collaboration - Veterinary and Physical Therapy Perspectives

01 Aug 2018
The future of the field of canine rehabilitation / physiotherapy is likely to depend heavily on how the professionals in the field learn to work with each other. This paper was presented at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Congress in 2012. The authors hope it sparks dialogue, professionalism, and the extending of ’olive branches’ between the professions. xxx

Sit Pretty - What all the fuss is about!

23 Feb 2019
Okay, so I have come out saying that I don't like the exercise 'Sit Pretty'. Here are my articles (blog posts) about the topic AND my suggestions for what can be done for core stability instead. Have a read on 'What all the fuss is about!'

Animal Rehab Education in North America - 2017

28 Aug 2019
Looking into the different animal rehab training courses in North America? Here's a review of the curricula of each. (Conducted in 2017)

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