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30 Nov 2019

Surfaces that wiggle...

So, the balls, peanuts, donuts, and discs are commonly used in canine rehab and in canine fitness training protocols.  Is there research to back up their use?  Well no!  However, I found an interesting (and I think, related) article from humans! Gibbons, T. J., & Bird, M.  Exercising on Different Unstable Surfaces Increases Core Abdominal Muscle Thickness: An Observational Study Using Real-Time Ultrasound.  Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 28(8), 803-808.  ... More

23 Nov 2019

Dealing with a Nagging Injury

Do you have a patient that just isn’t getting better?  Or perhaps he/she has a recurring injury that has you (and the owner) frustrated and wondering what to do?  Well, that’s the topic of today’s blog!  Dealing with nagging injuries (usually chronic soft tissue or joint injuries) requires a different approach than dealing with an acute injury.   I was inspired by a ‘human’ blog, More

15 Nov 2019

Puppy Troubles Averted

Here’s another ‘true events’ blog.  This one comes from a recent litter assessment.  Oh, let me tell you how fabulous litter assessments are.  Puppy squeezing and kissing!  Who could resist that?  Okay, so I digress.  Here’s the scoop. One of the puppies had a painful first rib.  First rib, okay, that’s a common finding.  BUT not in a puppy of this age.  These little ones were about 7.5 weeks old.  I usually bla... More

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