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19 Aug 2018

Balancing Evidence Based Practice & Clinical Practice

 How do you find balance?  How do you justify what you do?  How do you forge ahead and make discoveries?  You might think this is a ‘lifestyle’ blog.  Not so!  This blog is about finding balance between ‘clinical practice’ and ‘evidence based medicine’, and how you balance those two for the benefit of your patients and to defend or justify your choices.  If all you chose to do was ‘evidence based’… you&rsqu... More

12 Aug 2018

Getting Started - Advice from Others

Last week’s blog post was about the different ways to help you to get started and to self-analyze what and where you may need to top up your skills or confidence.  This week’s blog is the answers to the short little survey I sent out, asking you: What did you do to help you feel confident and comfortable before engaging in the actual practice of canine rehab? Just a handful of responses, but here’s what people said: 1.I shadowed at several different practice... More

05 Aug 2018

How do you know?

You’ve taken the courses, you’ve completed the exams, you’ve spent some time shadowing / interning.  So, are you ready to get started? Here are some things you need to ask yourself: 1. Do you feel confident in your rehab skills & knowledge?  Okay, honestly, the answer is likely ‘no’.   If you’re not feeling confident in your skills and knowledge, perhaps ask your friends and family to provide some dogs for you to practice a fu... More

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