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01 Aug 2020

Survey Responses - Canine Return to Sport Testing

Last week’s blog, was well received.  Within it, I posted a link to a survey asking others for their ideas on the topic.  This week’s blog is the response to those questions!  Enjoy the read and thought processing on how we can guide canine athletes back into sports safely! 1. What specific physical measures would be important for return to sport?(i.e. in regards to ROM, Weight bearing, Effusion, Th... More

25 Jul 2020

Testing for Return to Sport

Today I came across a blog that talked about Return to Sport Testing (RST).  The author(s) had done their own review of a review study to re-evaluate the claims made about RST. Here’s the link to the original, but it doesn’t do us much good in canine rehab, other than to ponder the question.  Never the less, folks as nerdy as me might want to take a look at it! More

18 Jul 2020

What about the Ovary-Sparing Hysterectomy?

 After last week’s blog,,  that highlighted the research paper regarding when to spay or neuter dog, I had a question about the ovary sparing hysterectomy (OSH).  While it’s something I’ve heard of, to be honest, I had never looked it up!  So, I did a wee literature review just to see what I could find.   In my search for literature on the Ovary Sparing Spay (OSS) / Hysterectomy, I found... More

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