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22 Feb 2020

Protocol Survey Responses

 Thank you so much to everyone that responded to the survey I put up last week.  Today I’m sharing with you the responses.  I love survey responses!  We should do more of this!  Okay, here we go! This first question was simply, “Do you use protocols in your canine rehab practice?”Essentially 50% responded “Yes”, 12.5% responded “No”, and 37.5% responded “Other”.  Those that chose to qualify their response fo... More

15 Feb 2020

Should you still be following rehabilitation protocols?

I found a fascinating blog post about this exact topic.  It got my head spinning with things I’ve been taught as a human physio, things I’ve done in human practice, my experiences in doing canine rehab for over a quarter century, and from teaching canine rehab for 21 years now. FYI:  The blog of inspiration comes from  Let’s start with the human-side of this discussion.  It w... More

08 Feb 2020

Transitioning into appreciation for the ‘old dog’

This past week and a half I had two patients come in. Both older dogs.  And both facing a decline in their health.  It got me to thinking about the mindset of clients and how to get them to transition from ‘Keep my dog strong, young and healthy’ to ‘I am grateful to have this wonderful old dog in my life.’ I’m sure you’ve had these clients.  They come to you because they want help to keep their dog young, strong, and healthy.  Delay ag... More

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