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26 Sep 2020

Education Pre-Surgery

This blog topic is education in two ways.  Firstly, educating your clients PRIOR to surgery about what to expect post operatively may have an impact on the function / outcome of the dogs post-operatively.  Secondly, here is something that you can do or include on your website or other platform as a marketing tool for your clinic or rehab services.  Let’s dive in!

I was alerted to a paper from a human blog. Louw, A., Rico, D., Langerwerf, L., Maiers, N., Diener, I. ... More

19 Sep 2020

Treating Pets with Clients Present IN CLINIC or IN HOME during Covid-19

Firstly, a disclaimer:  This article contains IDEAS, THOUGHTS, EXAMPLES, EXPERIENCES, and RESOURCES and compiles them into strategies for how to mitigate risk during this pandemic while trying to work in canine rehab.  As professionals, it is important to heed to the regulations and advice given in your own country or geographical region by local authorities or regulatory boards and to use your own professional judgement. Some interesting conversations have come about since I... More

12 Sep 2020

Let Them In!

Covid has changed everything we do.  However, during this whole crisis, my clinic has managed to stay open.  We implemented policies on the fly, changed things day by day as we learned more about the virus, stayed open, let clients come in (with masks), and are thriving!  I feel bad saying that last part, knowing that some other types of businesses have shut down completely… but it’s the truth of what’s happening for us!  Apparently, the wine delivery peopl... More

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