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13 Oct 2018

A Case of Bulging Epaxials

In this blog, I want to share a bit of a theory with everyone. Okay, so you’ve all seen (or felt) those older dogs, with tight, thick epaxial muscles in the lumbar spine.  I jokingly call them ‘beer cans’… because sometimes they can be that size! I have a theory about them and what they mean.  Here we go! If you poke at them, they’re not very reactive.  Certainly, not like they muscular hypertonicity that you would feel adjacent to a d... More

06 Oct 2018

An Uncommon Use of Neurophysiological Pathways for Mobilizing Joints

So, I was going through some blog posting, and I found an interesting one: The gist of the blog is that sometimes when you feel a spinal joint, it may simply be too painful to mobilize it or it’s so stiff that you feel like you are ‘bashing’ the joint at end range.  In these scenarios, mobilizing or manipulating the joint, just might not do the trick… or the procedure you are usin... More

29 Sep 2018

Drooling & Gulping - Is that a physio problem?

Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt (Animal Physio), CAFCI, CCRT So, what do you think when you hear that your next patient is drooling more or gulping and clearing his throat more, perhaps even sneezing?  Well, this blog will give you one more differential to put into your list of things to think about! Recently, I had an interesting case.  It was an older dog who had recently seemed to develop allergies.  He would sneeze near the hay, sneeze in the barn, and generally w... More

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