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10 Aug 2019

Chronic Pain, Osteoarthritis, Neurologic Healing and more…

I’m going to share a secret.  And to be honest, more people are doing this than they admit.   I sleep alone!  There it’s out in the open.  Yes, I still have a husband, and yes, we still share a bed from time to time (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  However, I have a bed and bedroom to myself and so does he!  It started back during calving season when he was doing 2am checks on the heifers.  He volunteered to sleep in another room (okay, it was... More

03 Aug 2019

Joint Arthroscopy - Yes or No?

I anticipate that this could be a very controversial blog.  My saving grace is that I’m just the messenger… so, Don’t Shoot!!! I was directed to a paper thanks to another blog post.  The paper in question:  entitled Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee arthritis and meniscal tears: a clinical practice guideline essentially goes through the pros and cons of doing arthroscopy for patients with... More

27 Jul 2019

Icing after a knee surgery

This is going to be an easy blog for me.  Honestly, I’m just going to redirect and cut and paste from elsewhere.  Here we go! So, in December of 2018, Game Ready, a company that manufactures and distributes continuous passive cooling & compression devices, discontinued their canine line.  Many folks were dismayed.  The company put a letter up on their website that you can read at: T... More

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