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28 Nov 2020

Tendinopathy - how to address & more!

I found a great podcast on this topic.  It was a discussion / interview with Dr. Ebonie Rio, a researcher at La Trobe University in Australia.  It fits is very nicely with a couple of questions I’ve received recently about tendon management.  So, I’ll just summarize the interview.  P.S.  This Podcast is awesome.  Look for Physio Explaine... More

21 Nov 2020

Knowledge Nuggets: Intensity of Stretching on ROM and Joint Mobilizations effect on Muscle Activation

I found a couple of articles about stretching or mobilization on muscle activation, and ROM that I thought to be worthy of sharing!

Here are the sources:Santos CX, Beltrão NB, Pirauá ALT, Durigan JLQ, Behm D, de Araújo RC. Static Stretching Intensity Does Not Influence Acute Range of Motion, Passive Torque, and Muscle Architecture. J Sport Rehabil. 2019 Mar 3:1-6. Pfluegler G, Kasper J, Luedtke K. The immediate effects of passive joint mobilisation on local muscle ... More

14 Nov 2020

So, This Happened!

I was going to find a paper to review or another blog for inspiration… but honestly, this happened and it’s pretty big.  So, it’s my blog for this week.  On Saturday I won the inaugural Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist of the Year award 2020.  It’s an award created by the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, and voted on by our peers.  I am honestly so humbled. Canine rehab has been my professional life&... More

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