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19 Oct 2019

Localized Vibration

Last week we talked about (and you watched videos on) whole body vibration.  That was a nice little addition to the 3-part Vibration Platform video series I had for Four Leg members.  This week, I came upon a paper on localized vibration for muscle strength. Alghadir, A.H. et al.  Effect of localised vibration on muscle strength in healthy adults: a systematic review. Physiotherapy , 2018, 104(1): 18 – 24. Essentially, th... More

12 Oct 2019

Vibration Platforms in Clinical Practice – Working with Neuro Dogs

 Thank you and big shout out to Beth Williams PT, of the Canine Wellness Center in Reno, Nevada ( for the following! I have attached a couple videos of dogs working on vibration plate -I use an old Soloflex "human" version because that's what I have from my human practice days - current price is $500 new, but I also see some on e-bay used for $100 - 150. It works for small dogs with a carpet or mat over it for traction) and for bigger dogs, I place... More

05 Oct 2019

Knowing when it's time

 "Layla" (Kimicko Blueberry Sunday), March 6, 2005 - September 30, 2019. Last week started out rough.  We had to put down our 14.5-year-old sheltie.  About 5 days before she suffered a vestibular episode.  No worries! I thought.  I’ve treated plenty of these.  Except that in my dog, I couldn’t affect the nystagmus with the positional movements (Dix Hallpike, Epley, and the Side Lie techniques).  As the days progressed, she was still able to wan... More

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