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Jan 2014

No-one's going to hurt you...

Hi Laurie,


I've retired now and only occasionally get called in to do relief where I used to work.  I like to think they can't live with out me, Ha Ha.  No truth to that rumor.


Anyway, so often I use a tip which I learned from you when I attended the CRI Therapist module in Florida.


You told us to say to the animal, "No one is going to hurt you".  And you stressed to actually "say it".  I have found that little tip that you mentioned so useful.  For a long time I figured that it was reassuring for the owner's to hear us say that to the pet.  I've come to believe that the animals actually understand that also.


See Laurie, I've lost my mind, or have senile dementia or something, ha ha!  Anyway since I retired I stopped my subscription to the Four Leg website but I still enjoy getting the emails that you send out to everyone.  And every time I read one of your upbeat emails i think of telling you the above story.


Take care kiddo.  You are a great person and have helped so many pets and people.


Happy New Year.







Hi G,


I have to tell you that this actually made me cry!  I really do believe that dogs have so much more of a connection with us than we consciously recognize... and I do talk out-loud to them all the time - even the deaf ones.  It's something I can't help but do.  I'm so pleased that someone else found the 'magic' in it as well!  Thank you for sharing this story.  It makes my heart sing!


All the best to you!





Now to everyone reading this… I'd love for you to share your stories about connecting with your canine patients on a deeper level.  Is there anything you do to build their trust, calm them down, or gain their friendship?  Please share by e-mailing me at (All stories can be kept anonymous should they get printed!)