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Jan 2021

Knowledge Nuggets – Carprophen… Chubby dogs… Yellow Labs…

by Laurie Edge-Hughes

Fat Lab

This blog provides just a handful of studies to boost your brain power!  Have a read and grow your knowledge.


1.  Carprofen is better than acetaminophen with codeine for ameliorating lameness in dogs with experimentally induced synovitis of the stifle.


Budsberg SC, Kleine SA, Norton MM, Sandberg GS, Papich MG. Comparison of the effects on lameness of orally administered acetaminophen-codeine and carprofen in dogs with experimentally induced synovitis. Am J Vet Res. 2020 Aug;81(8):627-634. 


Personally, I’m glad this has been studied.  I am all in favour of adjunctive meds to aid in pain management, in which acetaminophen with codeine might play a role.  However, from what I’ve seen on the human side, we are underdoing pain management, and patients are often only prescribed acetaminophen even when it is insufficient to manage pain.  So, three cheers for veterinary medicine on this one!


2.  Overweight dogs with less muscle mass are predisposed to developing CCL disease.


Santarossa A, Gibson TWG, Kerr C, Monteith GJ, Durzi T, Gowland S, Verbrugghe A. Body composition of medium to giant breed dogs with or without cranial cruciate ligament disease. Vet Surg. 2020 Aug;49(6):1144-1153. 


Okay, so this is one that we all instinctually recognize in clinical practice.  So perhaps this study is something that simply confirms what we know and see, but is a study that we can quote to our clients!


3.  Yellow Labrador Retrievers and fat Labrador Retrievers are at a significantly greater risk for developing cruciate ligament rupture.  (Neuter status and habitual activity did not alter risk factors for CCL rupture in Labrador Retrievers in this study of 412 Labs).


Terhaar HM, Muir P, Baker LA, Binversie EE, Chi J, Sample SJ. Contribution of Habitual Activity to Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Labrador Retrievers. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2020 Mar;33(2):82-88. 


Well, this is just interesting.  Just a Trivial Pursuit ‘vet edition’ type of question.


There you go!  That’s your three studies in short format to grow your brain!


Until next time…