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12 Jul 2019

Laser and Pregnancy

Hip-Hip-Hooray!  I love when science comes out with something that either proves or disproves a commonly cited (but not proven) statement!  This is one such thing.  For years (decades… over half a century actually), we’ve been told to not laser over or near a pregnant uterus.  Why?  Well, no reason, just because somebody figured, ‘better safe than sorry’.  As such, that has been the recommendation by manufacturers and textbooks alike.  ... More

06 Jul 2019

Exercise for Pain… But How?

You’ve likely heard that exercise can be a form of pain management.  (If you’ve not, then you really need to read more!)  But if you (or in our case, your furry patient) is in pain, then how much exercise should you prescribe? A wonderful (human) blog elaborates on this subject: Essentially, you can’t use the same parameters as you would for exerci... More

29 Jun 2019

A little story about a suture reaction and a novel suggestion for treatment

Usually, I try to find blog inspiration from those that I assume are smarter than me.  However, this week, I want to pass along a little story of a very interesting case, and an off the wall thought I had about it. So, this case was a typical cruciate tear.  Trauma induced (owner slipped on ice and fell on the poor dog).  Young female dog.  No other known issues.  The owner opted for an extracapsular method for repair. All was fine.  She took the dog to th... More

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