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16 Mar 2019

Tarsal OA

I don’t blog much about the tarsus.  Maybe it’s time to talk tarsal joints!  Why the sudden interest?  Well, in going through some journal articles, I found one that was a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis regarding physical impairments in (human) Adults with Ankle Osteoarthritis. Essentially, of all of the studies they found, only 8 qualified for review, and of those, only 3 could be used for a meta-analysis.  Despite this, they found that there were large... More

09 Mar 2019

Afraid to Progress

So, this week I was referred an interesting case.  It was a nice little Australian Cattle Dog that competes in agility.  Back in October he suffered a presumed slip or something (came back lame on retrieving a ball on uneven ground) and has been in hobbles ever since (5 months).  So, I was asked to help come up with a plan for what to do.  To be honest, everyone else treating him (he’s not local to me) is rather scared to progress him, and frankly they don’t know ... More

02 Mar 2019

A threat to one is a threat to all! A like for one is a like for all!

I’m sure that all of you are on some kind of social media network.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Linked-In.  Twitter.  (Or Whatever!)  I use Facebook as a marketing platform mostly… and just a little bit of keeping up with family, friends, neighbours, and others in the canine rehab industry.  I’m on Linked-In, but I admit, I need to use it more often!  The others… I don’t get Instagram (maybe I’m too old – sure picture... More

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