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15 Jul 2018

Preventing the 7 Deadly Sins of Tendon Management

I’ve had a document sitting on my desk top for a few years now… (oh you should see my computer’s desk top!)  Anyways, it was a synopsis of the 2016 Sports Medicine Australia Conference, written by Mick Hughes (no relation), and for the life of me, I cannot recal where / how I came upon it!  However, it happened, back then, I must have had the smarts enough to copy and paste it into a document – knowing that the information contained within would be golden. ... More

08 Jul 2018

7 Things to Consider Regarding the Growth of Your Business

 Many practitioners wind up finding themselves caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to growth.  Don’t we all want our practices to grow?  Well, therein lies the double-edged sword.  What are the things you need to consider when it comes to the growth of your canine rehab business? 1)How busy are you?  Firstly, is this a short-term thing (i.e. Are you always busier in a certain time of year?) or has this growth been steady and consistent?  ... More

01 Jul 2018

Canada Day Inspirations!

 So, here I sit, on Canada Day (July 1st). Canada is 151 years old.  (We’re such babies!  That’s why we have great skin!)  And I’m trying to think of what to write about!  I should have drafted a blog on Monday or Wednesday or Friday… but each of those days was taken up by something else.  Thus, leaving me with nothing but a pressing need to whip together a last-minute blog! Feeling rather prideful in my country… and having spent... More

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