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16 Feb 2019

Newsworthy Neuro Updates

Today’s blog is inspired by a two journal articles that crossed my desk recently.  While unrelated, they both fit into the category of Neuro and may be useful in enhancing your knowledge or clinical decision making!  Let’s dive in! von Pfeil DJF, Zellner E, Fritz MC et al.   Congenital laryngeal paralysis in Alaskan Huskies: 25 cases (2009–2014).  J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2018, 253(8): 1057-1065. In this study, they looked at 25 Alaskan Huskie... More

09 Feb 2019

Strong Old Dogs

What do you do with the old dog?  Let him rest?  Throw a bunch of cardio at him? Is there something that will help the senior dog live a little longer?  Well, there’s some human research that might shed some light. A journal article, Muscular Strength as a Predictor of All-Cause Mortality in an Apparently Healthy Population: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Data From Approximately 2 Million Men and Women gives us some answers - . ... More

02 Feb 2019

The gifts you have to give

 You’re smarter than you think and you have more to offer than you realize!  Where is this blog going, you might be wondering?  Well, this past Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a talk for Alberta Dachshund Rescue, and on Tuesday this week, I’ll give a talk to the Calgary Dog Fanciers Club.  Both came up as invitations to speak, and I’d be a fool to pass up the opportunities!  These talks plus what I’d noticed while teaching over the years is t... More

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