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18 May 2019

Shoulder injury? Check the thoracic spine too!

Sit up tall.  Raise one arm up and above your head.  Bring it down.  Then test your other arm.  Bring it down.  Then try to raise both arms simultaneously.  Did you notice that at the end of the movement, you felt it in your thoracic spine?  Now try to do the same exercises with your back rounded.  It should feel different.  That’s because your thoracic spine and ribcage need to have proper mobility in order for the glenohumeral joint to be opti... More

11 May 2019

Customer Relations versus Policy

 The premise of this blog hinges on when and whether to make an exception to the rule for the purpose of maintaining customer relations or whether to stick to policy and ‘teach a lesson’. So, here’s an interesting story.  It comes from a client of mine and pertains to her experience with a human physio clinic she attends for her carpal tunnel syndrome.   This client has been seeing a physio for her carpal tunnel syndrome for over a year now.  She h... More

04 May 2019

Guest Blog - Lasering & Infections

A colleague asked me the following question: Hey Laurie, Do you have any experience lasering dogs with discitis?  I have been looking for an article about discitis and laser and sadly there is nothing out there.  I know it is ok to laser if there is an infection, however my concern is that because I do not understand what the laser does to infection cells and the infection was located within an enclosed space is there any risk of kick starting the infection.  Thanks... More

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