Video Training 193: Tips & Tricks for the Neurological Patient

29 Sep 2019
Enjoy this compilation of videos consisting of tips and tricks for working with neurologic patients. How to customize the Pawz booties. How to create a temporary 'toes up' dorsiflexion contraption and use of kinesiology tape to help with foot dragging. And panties & belly bands for leaky, dribbly dogs as well as the Q-tip technique! Thank you to Lisa Bedenbaugh and Ilaria Borghese for their contributions to this video!
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2019: Sept-Oct: Volume 8, Issue 5

15 Sep 2019
LASER THERAPY - Myth Buster Edition! - Controversial Applications - Myths - Contraindications (or not) - Weird ways to use it
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Video Training 192: Vibration Platforms - Part 3

01 Sep 2019
Vibration Training... now you might want to try it! Check out what research there is in canine and equine subjects. Then watch what how we tested out different ways to use this device at my clinic, The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd. Fun!
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Animal Rehab Education in North America - 2017

28 Aug 2019
Looking into the different animal rehab training courses in North America? Here's a review of the curricula of each. (Conducted in 2017)
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Video Training 191: Vibration Platforms - Part 2

18 Aug 2019
Vibration Training... now you're more curious! Dive a little deeper and learn about Vibration Training for Osteoarthritis, The Aging, The Elderly, & The Obese, AND for Spinal Cord Injury! Check it out!
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Video Training 190: Vibration Platforms - Part 1

04 Aug 2019
Vibration Training? Worth looking into? Start here to find out. Part 1 of this series looks at Vibration Training for general health and effects on the body, for Athletes, for post-op ACLs, and for bone. It's an interesting topic!
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Video Training 189: Urinary Incontinence & Back Pain

21 Jul 2019
Thanks again to Dr. David Lane of Points East West Veterinary Services in Squamish, BC, Canada. This is a synopsis on the presentation Dr. Lane gave at the 2018 IAVRPT conference on the relationship between urinary incontinence & back pain.
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2019: July-Aug: Volume 8, Issue 4

07 Jul 2019
This started as a tribute to my favourite researcher, Ronaldo da Costa. It also turned out to be a great way for me to get caught up on all of the new WOBBLER'S RESEARCH as well - Wobbler Syndrome, wobbler's caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy... This one contains a bit of Background, Etiology & Pathology, New Places to look for a problem, and Gait Analysis of affected dogs. Enjoy the read!
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Video Training 188: Paint Roller Physio

23 Jun 2019
A new tool for your tool kit! A simple paint roller!!! Watch this video to see how this super simple tool could be used in treating your canine patients and could be something to prescribe as part of a home program. Seriously!!!
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Business & Marketing - Part 23 - The Cats & Dogs of Marketing

08 Jun 2019
Marketing to your existing clients versus marketing to attract new clients should be different. More specifically, your tactics to do so should be different. Essentially one of those customers is more like a cat, whereas the other one is more like a dog.  And, you can't really treat them (or market to them) in the same way.
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Video Training 187: The Pelvic Tilt Exercise

26 May 2019
This is my new favourite exercise: The Pelvic Tilt! I've been using it for a few years now, but was just recently reintroduced to it by a fellow PT who uses it for different reasons. Okay... check out the video and see if it's something you might like to incorporate into your therapy protocols as well!
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2019: May-June: Volume 8, Issue 3

12 May 2019
Veterinary perception about animal rehab, physical therapy, complementary healthcare. Education in complementary healthcare. Interprofessional practice. Very different, but interesting!
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Readers Digest Version - Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibulitis

06 May 2019
Hang on for the ride!!! 23 minute whirlwind discussion of assessment and treatment of idiopathic geriatric vestibulitis!
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Video Training 186: Medial Patellar Luxation Update

28 Apr 2019
For a talk I was giving in late 2018, I did a bit of research to find out what was new in regards to medial patellar luxation in dogs. I found the research fascinating, and thought you would too! So have a look - watch, listen, learn - and grow your brain on the topic of Medial Patellar Luxation.
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Business & Marketing - Part 22 - What do you do?

14 Apr 2019
This audio is sparked from a number of conversations & discussions I've partaken in lately. What do you do... When the referring vet won't let you start rehab for 8 weeks? When you send a dog back to the surgeon but get 'blown off' that it's not a problem? When your supervisor / boss is wrong in their recommendations? When the vet surgeon tells YOUR patient to come to their facility for rehab? And so on... Listen in for my thoughts, and some of the conundrums we are all facing!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Use of Laser in Canine Rehab - Update HANDOUT

05 Apr 2019
The Handout for you to print out and follow along or takes notes!
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LLLT-780 - 860nm Contact Application Veterinary Dosages

03 Apr 2019
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LLLT - 904/905nm Superpulsed Contact Application Veterinary Dosages

03 Apr 2019
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LLLT - Scanning Application (Class 4a) Veterinary Dosages

03 Apr 2019
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Video Training 185: Kinesiology Taping Dogs!

31 Mar 2019
Now you understand the science, so how would you do it? Check out the next video to see some of the K-Taping options for your canine patient!
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Video Training 184: The Science Behind Kinesiotaping

17 Mar 2019
Have you wondered about the research behind K-Taping, Kinesiotaping, Kinesiology Taping? Me to! That's why I created this video... what's real in the literature and what's hype! Stay tuned for Part 2 - HOW to Kinesiotape Your Canine Patient.
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2019: March-April: Volume 8, Issue 2

25 Feb 2019
Are you ready to get wet? This edition of Four Leg News is an update on Hydrotherapy in the literature. Kinematics, heart rate, temperature, function, muscle activity, ground reaction forces, weight loss, osteoarthritis, and more! You might need a life vest... or do you? Read up to find out!
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Sit Pretty - What all the fuss is about!

23 Feb 2019
Okay, so I have come out saying that I don't like the exercise 'Sit Pretty'. Here are my articles (blog posts) about the topic AND my suggestions for what can be done for core stability instead. Have a read on 'What all the fuss is about!'
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Business & Marketing - Part 21 - Public Speaking

17 Feb 2019
So, you are convinced that you need to do some lecturing as a way to grow and strengthen your business. But, you need some tips on HOW to public speak! How do you structure your talk? Should you have a powerpoint? What to wear? How to set up? Your voice... eye contact... and strategies to win over your audience and feel comfortable. All of my 4-H Public speaking knowledge and 20 years of teaching experience all wrapped up into this audio.
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 183: Therapeutic exercise for a cat!

03 Feb 2019
Do you secretly dread treating cats? Not because you don't like them, but because they aren't nearly as motivated to work as your canine patients! Well then, you'll enjoy this video! Join Tania Costa (Canine Wellness Centre - Toronto area, Canada) as she attempts to create a home exercise program for a cat.
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Harness Study 2019

23 Jan 2019
The Harness Study... End result = ALL harnesses restrict shoulder extension.
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Video Training 182: IVDD Update

19 Jan 2019
What does disc degeneration look like? Updates on Hansen's Type 1 & 2, Annepe, Hnpe, and I threw in FCE also. Then a little on functional assessments, and ideas for prevention. It's a good video, you should watch!!
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2019: Jan-Feb: Volume 8, Issue1

06 Jan 2019
Welcome to the Stenosis Issue. Inside you will learn about what is currently known and done for canine lumbosacral stenosis in veterinary medicine, what is done regarding conservative management in human medicine, and what you can do to better treat these dogs conservatively in your rehab practice! Enjoy!
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Writing a Vet Report

29 Dec 2018
This was posted on the forum a year or two (or more) ago, and I thought I'd turn it into a 'cheat sheet' for others to easily find and use. Writing reports does not always come naturally... so here are my tips to help you out and to make your reports easy to churn out!
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Video Training 181: Lasers in Canine Rehab - Part 2

23 Dec 2018
Now... Part 2 - Lasers in Canine Rehab! Your laser indications, dosing, etc.! Enjoy the learning and happy lasering!
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Video Training 180: Lasers in Canine Rehab - Part 1

09 Dec 2018
This comes from a presentation I gave for my Aussie friends in October. So, here's part 1 of Lasers in Canine Rehab. Enjoy the update & stay tuned for part 2!!!
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Conservative CCL Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Conservative MPL Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Conservative Soft Tissue Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Conservative IVDD Handout

09 Dec 2018

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Video Training 179: Inflatable Exercises

25 Nov 2018
Looking for ideas and inspiration for using low profile inflatables? Check out this video that shows you how you might use a new piece of equipment (or substitute with what you already have) with your canine patients. wobble cushion. Lolipup. balance disc.
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2018: Nov-Dec: Volume 7, Issue 6

13 Nov 2018
This issue is the Juvenile Conditions & Issues issue! (Say that 10 times fast!) Dive inside to read about Carpal Laxity Syndrome, Hereditary Ataxia in Scottish Terriers, Inherited Myopathy in Great Danes, & Swimmers Syndrome. Happy Reading!
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Business & Marketing - Part 20 - Agricultural Epiphanies

28 Oct 2018
This audio is a case study regarding an epiphany I had while selling our calves from the ranch this year. I can't believe how clueless I was... but I have a plan going forwards! (And if you can't get it to play, click the download button and you will be taken to a screen from where you can play... or download.)
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

The Use of Laser in Canine Rehab

17 Oct 2018
Join me as we discuss "Frickin' Laser Beams"!
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Video Training 178: Cerebellar Ataxia - Part 2

14 Oct 2018
So you suspect your patient has Cerebella Ataxia. Now what? Check out this video to learn what to do! - Adapting from human physiotherapy protocols for cerebellar ataxia, we can formulate a plan for treating canine cerebellar ataxia.
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Video Training 177: Cerebellar Ataxia - Part 1

30 Sep 2018
Wobbles and bobbles, a rhythm all their own... maybe your patient has Cerebellar Ataxia. In the past you may have thought there was nothing you could do. But watch this two part series to see what Rehab can offer to your next Cerebellar Ataxia patient!
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Rehab protocol for use of a stifle brace

15 Sep 2018
Updated - how to rehab with use of a stifle brace. A handout to print out for owners. Be sure to combine with the updated Conservative Management of Cruciate Deficiency handout!
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Protocol - Rehab with use of a STIFLE BRACE

15 Sep 2018
Updated - how to rehab with use of a stifle brace. A handout to print out for owners. Be sure to combine with the updated Conservative Management of Cruciate Deficiency handout!
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Protocol - Updated Cruciate Deficiency

15 Sep 2018
Updated - handout for rehabilitation of cruciate deficiency. Printable on your letterhead.
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Conservative Management of Canine CCL deficiency - Protocol

15 Sep 2018
Updated - handout for rehabilitation of cruciate deficiency. Printable on your letterhead.
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2018: Sept-Oct: Volume 7, Issue 5

02 Sep 2018
Osteoarthritis and Rehab! What's new in the research? What validates what we do? What might not be working? Do dogs get central nervous system changes with Osteoarthritis like people? What does the literature say about osteoarthritis, laser, shockwave, regenerative medicine, acupuncture, or manual therapy? And what about biomechanical changes? Read on to learn!
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Video Training 176: Case of the Floppy Carpus

19 Aug 2018
I don't want to blow the 'surprise' with this video... but a forearm with the elbow extended should also have an extended carpus.  When that's NOT the case... what do you think the problem could be??
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Combatting Fatigue

05 Aug 2018
Managing Fatigue: It's not ALL about sleep! Some of these will shock you... but in order to function higher, be more productive, have better memory, and subsequently more effectiveness, you need to NOT be Fatigued! (And who of us out there isn't fatigued in this day and age!?)
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

PT Assessment 101: Physical Therapy Assessment in Vet Medicine

01 Aug 2018
Often the most important part of successful rehab is the assessment and diagnosis made by the rehab therapist. The assessment techniques, novel deductive reasoning skills, and examination of overall function are what physical therapy and physical therapists are bringing to the veterinary field. • Veterinary medicine tends to rely on what can be called a ‘patho-anatomical’ diagnosis, whereas physical therapy and human medicine to a certain extent look at what can be termed a ‘patho-functional’ assessment. Differences will be elucidated.• Weak muscles, short muscles, tight muscles, overactive muscles, joint restrictions (articular movement dysfunctions), peripheral nerve impairments, and/or pain can impact the FUNCTION of a patient.• Joint-play, end-feels, myotomes, dermatomes, resisted tests, and special tests... and how they impact your physical examination and ultimate diagnosis. (Scroll upwards after pressing ’play’ to actually watch the video!)
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Interprofessional Collaboration - Veterinary and Physical Therapy Perspectives

01 Aug 2018
The future of the field of canine rehabilitation / physiotherapy is likely to depend heavily on how the professionals in the field learn to work with each other. This paper was presented at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Congress in 2012. The authors hope it sparks dialogue, professionalism, and the extending of ’olive branches’ between the professions. xxx
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Video Training 175: How to Gain Terminal Extension

22 Jul 2018
That stubborn shoulder or the post-op cruciate case is making you pull your hair out! Perhaps one of the issues is that your patient is lacking terminal extension! Watch the video to learn why it's important and how you can address this issue!
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2018: July-Aug: Volume 7, Issue 4

08 Jul 2018
Behaviour studies & rehab! Just a bunch of unique and interesting studies about behaviour. Can you correct poop eating? Can you get an owner to acknowledge their dog is fat? Which dogs are greater bite risks? How and how much should you exercise a reactive dog? What's up with cognitive dysfunction? Can a ketogenic diet improve ADHD in dogs? Check out these articles to learn the answers!
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Video Training 174: DIY An UWT Chair!

24 Jun 2018
Is your back sore when you're in the underwater treadmill? Check out this nifty Do It Yourself underwater treadmill chair! Thanks to Tania Costa of Canine Wellness Centre in the Toronto Area for this helpful video!
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Outcome Measures & Forms: 4Leg Initial Assessment

17 Jun 2018
Here is a basic template of my Initial Assessment form.
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Lumbo-Sacral Disc Disease Overview & Update

10 Jun 2018
Thanks to Dr. David Lane (Points East West Veterinary Services in Whistler, BC) for this commentary. It's an overview of the topic as presented at the 2016 ACVS conference. Wanna know what the surgeons are saying??? Then have a listen! (Even if it will make you a bit angry!)
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 173: Rottweilers with & without tails

27 May 2018
Thank you to Dr. Amber Ihrke for this video. In this video, Dr. Ihrke presents her research on the evaluation of tailed versus non-tailed Rottweilers and correlations as they pertain to cranial cruciate disease & spondylosis. Sit back, watch, and listen to a great presentation from the author herself!
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2018: May-June: Volume 7, Issue 3

12 May 2018
Recent and relevant rehab related canine literature - post-op TPLOs, rehab versus non-rehab, bracing for CCL-deficiency, water levels in UWT rehab, digit injuries, and phantom limb pain! Read up and learn on!!
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Protocol: Medial Shoulder Hypermobility

28 Apr 2018
Printable on your own letterhead! MY first attempt at creating an MSI protocol!
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Video Training 172: Medial Shoulder Manual Therapies

15 Apr 2018
And Part 3 of the Medial Shoulder Series looks at manual therapies. What manual techniques should you be doing? What could you prescribe to your owners! Have a plan to treat or prevent MSI! (Stay tuned... and I'll put these suggestions into a protocol to handout to owners!)
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Video Training 171: Medial Shoulder Exercises Part 2

01 Apr 2018
Here we go with Part 2 - Exercises for Medial Shoulder. More things that you can do and progress with for your medial shoulder instability / compartment syndrome cases. (Treatment OR Prevention I believe!!) (And Stay Tuned for Part 3...)
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Video Training 170: Medial Shoulder Exercises Part 1

18 Mar 2018
Medial shoulder instability / compartment syndrome is becoming recognized more and more. However, very little exists in regards to non-operative treatment, post-operative treatment, or prevention for this condition. Sit back and prepare to be taken through a 3-part plan to address such things. Part 1 - Exercises for Medial Shoulder Dysfunctions.
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2018: Mar-Apr: Volume 7, Issue 2

04 Mar 2018
Hot Hot Hot! These articles are all about dogs and hot weather. What you need to know. What to do. How it impacts different dogs. How best to measure internal temperatures... Check it out!
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Video Training 169: Don't Exercise!

18 Feb 2018
...To Lose Weight that is! WHAT?? Yes, you read that right! Some new, very interesting research sheds some light on weight loss / weight maintenance, and where exercise fits into the picture. And while it's not dog specific. It is very interesting and would have a canine-relevant application. ENJOY!
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Mesenchymal stems cells and osteoarthritis

04 Feb 2018
What's the scoop on using Mesenchymal stem cells with osteoarthritis? Catch the latest with Dr. David Lane (
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 168: Vestibulitis 'left overs'

21 Jan 2018
I had a question a while back asking about what to do with the vestibular dog, AFTER the Epley, and after the 'dizziness' was gone. This video tried to address some of those questions for dealing with the geriatric vestibular dog.
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2018: Jan-Feb: Volume 7, Issue 1

07 Jan 2018
The Muscle Issue. Want to learn about muscle fibre types, differences between different breeds, what the Intercostal Muscles actually do, and more? Well your dreams have come true. Dive on in and learn about these things and more! Have fun in there!
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Video Training 167: DIY Toe-Ups

24 Dec 2017
The first in the series of Do It Yourself Videos from Tania Costa of the Canine Wellness Centre in Toronto, Canada. This video is how to create a Toe-Up Device for short term use with your neurologic canine patients. Enjoy!
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Business & Marketing - Part 19 - Your best FREE online advertising!

10 Dec 2017
OPTIMIZE Your best FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING! Have you pimped your Google Business Listing? If not, you are likely missing out on generating some great leads into your business. Listen on to learn more!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

2017: Nov-Dec: Volume 6, Issue 6

25 Nov 2017
The digital cancer & osteosarcoma issue. Cancer always needs to be in our brain as a differential diagnosis for the limping pet we see before us. This issue looks at digit cancers (of which I have seen my fair share of troubles in the toes), and osteosarcomas (another all too common cancer). Read up to familiarize yourself.
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Video Training 166: Treatment Planning for Degenerative Disc Disease

12 Nov 2017
Now continue the thought processing on how to treat a dog with a degenerative disc in her caudal cervical spine / cranial thoracic spine. Enjoy!
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Video Training 165: Assessing a Suspected Degenerative Disc

29 Oct 2017
Watch as I test and process information on my own dog (the rarely seen Syri). I have suspected her to have degenerative disc disease in her caudal cervical spine or cranial thoracic spine. Without radiographs (which may or may not help), this is how a physical therapist does a physical exam & uses deductive reasoning to make a Physical Diagnosis upon which he/she proceeds with treatment (or referral back to the doctor for advanced imaging or further medical testing). Enjoy!
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Regenerative Medicine Overview

15 Oct 2017
An overview of Regenerative Medicine... (there are multiple things to know and understand). Get up to date and clarified! Thank you to Dr. David Lane ( for this enlightening audio!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 164: Skin Rolling

01 Oct 2017
Check out how this simple technique could add a big missing element to your therapy regimen!Myofascia. Myofascial. Skin. Dermal.
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2017: Sept-Oct: Volume 6, Issue 5

17 Sep 2017
The Digit Issue! This issue is filled with toes! Most of what I could find in the literature pertained to the digital flexors and repair. I found a study of interest and a gross article just for fun as well. Dip your toes in and learn about the digits!!
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Video Training 163: Vestibular Rehab - After the Epley

03 Sep 2017
You've done the Epley. The dog seems better, but what do you do next to help restore balance, and vestibular function? Check out this video (courtesy of Shari Sprague, MPT, CCRT) on what to do next!
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Does a harness affect gait?

20 Aug 2017
Another great audio brought to you by Dr. David Lane ( Reviewing a bit of research in regards to the wearing of harnesses on a dog's gait.Enjoy!
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 162: UPDATED - Treatment of BPPV - Vestibulitis

06 Aug 2017
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo & Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibulitis can be treated in the same way. Check out this video to learn not only the Epley Maneuver, but also the Side Lie / Semont Technique, and the Gufoni Maneuver. Treating the vestibular dog.
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Video Training 161: UPDATED - Background & Assessment of BPPV - Vestibulitis

23 Jul 2017
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo & Idiopathic Geriatric Vestibulitis are most likely the same thing. Watch this video for some background into the condition and how to assess it. Then tune in for the next video training to learn about treatment techniques! Recognizing the vestibular dog.
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2017: July-August: Volume 6, Issue 4

09 Jul 2017
THE SHOULDER ISSUE! Lots in info in here! Shockwave, Adhesive Capsulitis, Diagnostic Imaging, Exercises for ROM, Infraspinatus Contractures, and Shoulder Instabilities.
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Product Survey Results

24 Jun 2017
The results are in! What products do you love, use, recommend, and/or sell! Check it out and see what you find!
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Video Training 160: DIY, Teaching patients, & Teaching owners

11 Jun 2017
Thank you Tania Costa - Canine Wellness Centre - Toronto, ON, Canada for this video. Tania is a master of creativity. See what she's created, and how she trains both the dog and owner to navigate exercise therapies.
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Video Training 159: My youngest patient - Leg Deformity

28 May 2017
A case of bilateral rear leg deformities. This breeder-client asked if we could do anything to help her 5-day old puppy. Of course I was going to try!!! Watch to see how he looked, what I tried, and what actually worked!!! :)
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2017: May-June: Volume 6, Issue 3

14 May 2017
LASER UPDATE Issue! Laser for hair loss & wound healing! Laser for post-op and pre-op! Lasers and stem cells! Lasers for Pain! Read up and be up to date!
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Manual Therapy & Acupuncture for MSK lameness & pain

30 Apr 2017
Enjoy listening to how manual therapy and acupuncture provide immediate short term comfort and mobility - a first of it’s kind paper… and enjoy the spin of humour mixed within! Thank you to Dr. David Lane for providing this audio! Check him out at
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Video Training 158: Pain Management Part 11

16 Apr 2017
The final instalment of Pain Management 101 - Mini Course! This video contains case studies as they relate to pain management in the rehab setting. Thanks for hanging out until the end.
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Pain Management - Part 10 - Nutraceuticals & Natural Medicines for CHRONIC Pain

03 Apr 2017
Nutraceutical and Natural Medicines for Chronic Pain! This is a great section! Your clients are looking for info, they're asking questions, and you should know the answers!
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Video Training 157: Pain Management Part 10

02 Apr 2017
Nutraceutical and Natural Medicines for Chronic Pain! I really enjoyed researching this component for pain management. Learn more about things like glucosamine, green lipped muscles, curcumin, magnesium, and more! Be sure to go to the Articles section (under pain management course) to print out the handouts.
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Protocol: Puppy Rear End Awareness

02 Apr 2017
A printable format of exercises to help build awareness / proprioception of the rear end in puppies.
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Canine Athlete Considerations: Functional Exercises to Strengthen the Core

19 Mar 2017
In a printable format - the blog I wrote on functional exercises to strengthen the core!
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Pain Management - Part 9 - Psychosocial Aspects of CHRONIC Pain

18 Mar 2017
My favourite section! There is more to pain management than just biological processes. Learn about how your might manage or advise regarding the psychosocial aspects of a dog's life in order to manage pain!
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Video Training 156: Pain Management Part 9

18 Mar 2017
Psychosocial measures for the Management of CHRONIC Pain. This is one of my favourite categories. It is very much in favour in human medicine at the moment. So, how can we apply psychosocial aspects of pain management to our canine companions? Then go to the Articles section (under pain management course) to print out the handouts.
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2017: Mar - Apr: Volume 6, Issue 2

05 Mar 2017
Welcome to the Neurology Update Edition. In this issue we'll compare intervertebral disc extrusions in Cockers vs Daxies, We'll delve into diskospondylitis. We'll look at acute noncompressive nucleus pulposus extrusion and compare it to ischemic myelopathy. And lastly a little bit on fibrocartilaginous emboli! Be prepared to think!
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Video Training 155: Making a rear end harness

19 Feb 2017
Arts & crafts time!! There are times when you, the practitioner, or a dog owner may need a temporary solution to helping get a dog around. A band around the belly isn't always the most reasonable solution. Check out this video on how to create a rear end harness using re-usable grocery bags.
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Pain Management - Part 8 - Exercise Therapies for CHRONIC Pain

05 Feb 2017
Exercise Therapies for the Management of CHRONIC Pain. What works & why? And most importantly, how will you apply it to your patients?
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Video Training 154: Pain Management Part 8

05 Feb 2017
Exercise Therapies for Chronic Pain Management. Should you prescribe exercise? What kind of exercise works? What's in the literature? Then go to the Articles section (under pain management course) to print out the handouts!
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Video Training 153: Pain Management Part 7

21 Jan 2017
Manual Therapies for Chronic Pain Management. What works & why it works. And more importantly how to use it for your patients! Then go to the Articles section (under pain management course) to print out the handouts.
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Pain Management - Part 7 - Manual Therapies for CHRONIC Pain

20 Jan 2017
Manual Therapies for the Management of CHRONIC Pain. What works & why? And most importantly, how will you apply it to your patients?
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2017: Jan-Feb: Volume 6, Issue 1

07 Jan 2017
The EXERCISE & THE BRAIN edition! What happens when you exercise your dog before or after a 'learning' event? How does exercise impact canine brain changes in aging? This newsletter will give you an insight into these topics!
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New in cruciate treatment

27 Dec 2016
Thank you to Dr. David Lane of Points East West Veterinary Services for providing this audio update. Listen to new information on SIMITRI, CORA, & stem cell + PRP for cruciate tears / cruciate disease.
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.

Business & Marketing - Part 15 - Facebook Marketing

15 Dec 2016
Facebook is an economical way to market your business! This 30 min audio will get you started. NOTE: I FORGOT to include to make sure that your website has a Like us on Facebook icon, as does your e-mail appt. reminder 'signature', your e-blasts, and put a sign up in your waiting room / rehab department - Like us on FB (and provide your FB address).
Download Right click the link and select Save As to download the audio file.


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