Video Training 207: Conditioning the Canine Athlete - Part 2

02 Aug 2020
In part two of Conditioning the Canine Athlete, we'll look at the literature as it pertains to balance, flexibility, agility, core stability, warm up and cool down. Then, I'll try to put it all together to summarize.
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Miscellaneous: Common Vet & PT Acronyms

26 Jul 2020
By special request - and admittedly incomplete - 2020 version of Common Canine Rehab Vet & PT Acronyms. E-mail me when you have a list of more to add! acronyms, terminology, shorthand, charting, chart notes, cheat sheet
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Video Training 206: Conditioning the Canine Athlete - Part 1

19 Jul 2020
This is part one of Conditioning the Canine Athlete. I wanted to review human literature to see what kinds of training actually made a difference to sport performance. Part one covers Requirements of a conditioning program, Basic pre-season conditioning, Review of sport-specific skills, and the concepts of Power Training, and High Intensity Interval Training.
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2020: July-Aug: Volume 9, Issue 4

05 Jul 2020
Outcome Measures - Lameness Scales / Lameness Scores / Subjective Lameness Evaluation. Did you know that there isn't a validated subjective lameness measurement tool? However, because objective measurement tools aren't always feasible or available in clinical practice, we might as well look at what we can find to help quantify lameness in day to day practice. Enjoy the read!
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Microbiota & Musculoskeletal Health

21 Jun 2020
A healthy microbiome (gut bacteria) is imperative for good health. Not only is it useful for proper digestive functioning, but having a flourishing microbiota is being shown to have a positive impact on musculoskeletal conditions (such as osteoarthritis) as well! Check this out!
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Video Training 205: Infrared Thermography- Part 2 - How To & Clinical Observations

07 Jun 2020
Part two of Infrared Thermography (IRT) looks at how to use the tool for best effectiveness. Thank you to Meghan Laing (Regina, Sk, Canada) for the first part of this video. The second part of the video looks at correlations with infrared thermography and our clinical findings.
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Miscellaneous: Thinking like a PT / Physio

31 May 2020
An oldy! Created circa 2004 (likely earlier). How to think like a PT was created to help non-PTs look at cases and problem solve or categorize their clinical finding to help make the best educated guess on underlying pathology. I've been asked about this document and just dug it up recently. (I didn't even edit it for typos... just putting it up as is.) Maybe it'll help someone!
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Video Training 204: Infrared Thermography - Part 1 - Literature Review

24 May 2020
Are you wondering about Infrared Thermography? Wondering if it's a tool worth investing in? Could IRT be part of your diagnostic line up? Is infrared thermography a good outcome measure? How accurate is it compared to internal body temperatures? This literature review will help you to become objective about this tool and to decide if or how to utilize it in your practice!
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2020: May-June: Volume 9, Issue 3

10 May 2020
More Objective Outcome Measures! This time FourLeg News looks into Stance Analysis / Weight Bearing Measures. There are research articles reviewed that look at commercially available stance analysis equipment and also the use of bathroom scales as a means for measuring weight bearing! Enjoy the read!
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Video Training 203: Proprioceptive Foot Wraps

26 Apr 2020
A big thank you to Jenny Moe of Moe Love Myofascial Release based in San Francisco for providing her portion of this video and for being the inspiration behind my portion of the video (where I used the information Jenny provides and apply it to a recent patient of mine.) I think you will like this as a practical solution for dogs that have some toe scuffing troubles.
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