Video Training 202: Homemade Carts

12 Apr 2020
Check out this video to learn how you can make a PVC cart that can be used for newly paralyzed dogs or severely debilitated dogs as a measure to get them up, get them going, test their function, and so on!
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Video Training 201: Limb Circumference

29 Mar 2020
Following up on the limb circumference newsletter, I thought a video of how I (personally) try to be consistent with how I measure limb circumference. An outcome measure that matters! With a little bit of humour thrown in...
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2020: Mar-Apr: Volume 9, Issue 2

15 Mar 2020
Continuing on the Objective Outcomes theme, this edition of FourLeg News is all about Limb circumference. Important are the parts regarding validity, reliability, etc. Everything you wanted to know about limb circumference as an outcome measure all in one place! Happy learning! Yay outcome measures!
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Video Training 200: Shockwave Part 3

01 Mar 2020
Part 3 (the finale) of the Shockwave series. In this video you will how to convert the data (Radial versus Focused), Discussion of Customized Protocols, How often to use it, Frequently asked questions, and some Case Studies! Enjoy!
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Video Training 199: Shockwave Part 2

16 Feb 2020
Part 2 of the Shockwave training focuses on it's use for Non-unions and Stress Fractures, Osteoarthritis, Back pain, Trigger points... and something 'surprising'!
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Video Training 198: Shockwave Part 1

02 Feb 2020
What do you need to know about SHOCKWAVE? Watch part 1 of this 3-part series to learn more. This episode contains information about the history, types, parameters, indications, effects, and contraindications of shockwave. As well, we dive into use for tendons, plantarfasciitis, canine tendons... and a surprise use!
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Video Training 197: Going Mobile

19 Jan 2020
This video is courtesy of Tania Costa. Tania has recently changed her business structure to be in a brick and mortar business to being mobile and part time in a home-based business. Check out this video to learn more about the transition and how the transition has gone.
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2020: Jan-Feb: Volume 9, Issue 1

05 Jan 2020
Objective Outcome Measures: In this edition of FourLeg News we look at goniometric use in canine studies. Validity of the goniometer, as well as measurements of canine extremity joints in different breeds are reported here! Dive on in and update your goniometry knowledge!
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Video Training 196: Senior Dog Advice

21 Dec 2019
This video is a compilation of small video clips that we did for Senior Dog Month at my clinic, The Canine Fitness Centre. You might find some of the tips useful! As well, I'd like you to be inspired to create similar videos around a theme as a social media marketing strategy for your practice! Enjoy!
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Video Training 195: Canine Conditioning Tips

08 Dec 2019
Lorna Clarke, PT has been kind enough to submit a couple of videos... enjoy this 3-part compilation about warming up your dog, and some simple conditioning exercises for your canine athletes.  Not only do the videos provide good information, but they are also videos that Lorna uses for her online fitness and conditioning class.  Looking to increase your exposure?  Looking for something to market?  Looking for something to make your stand out from your competition?  Think about doing something similar!Check out this video and also Lorna's webpage:
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