Business & Marketing - Part 24 - Owner, Therapist, or Both?

24 Nov 2019
Are you a business owner? A therapist? Or both? Each of these scenarios and roles takes a different toll and directs your attention accordingly. Are you where you want to be? Are you spending your time where it's necessary? Enjoy the listen!
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2019: Nov-Dec: Volume 8, Issue 6

10 Nov 2019
WOBBLER's again! Caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy, Disc-associated Wobbler Syndrome, wobbler's... This time, we dive into conservative treatment options. What's in veterinary literature, and what we can do to improve upon that with our rehab / physio skills as well!
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27 Oct 2019
Thank you to Dr. David Lane again for his contribution to your learning. Here, David has reviewed 12 Abstracts from the Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons meeting in 2017. Tune in to learn about Stem cell survival, PRP & Stem cell for the hip, Measured shoulder abduction, Pancarpal arthrodesis, Meniscal kinematics, Tibial morphology, Post-op rehab for IVDD, Sham versus LLLT for elbow OA, Carprophen and PRP, A-frame kinetic gait analysis, Patellar tendon thickening with TPLO, and radioactive particle injection to the synovium. Listen up for 20 minutes of brain building knowledge translation!
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Video Training 194: Voodoo Flossing Canine Test

13 Oct 2019
So, I finally decided to try this out. Voodoo flossing / Joint Flossing / Tissue Flossing / Blood Flow Restriction. I found some information on this topic for a blog post a while back - see: And it's taken me this long to give it a test drive! Check this out and see what YOU think!
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Video Training 193: Tips & Tricks for the Neurological Patient

29 Sep 2019
Enjoy this compilation of videos consisting of tips and tricks for working with neurologic patients. How to customize the Pawz booties. How to create a temporary 'toes up' dorsiflexion contraption and use of kinesiology tape to help with foot dragging. And panties & belly bands for leaky, dribbly dogs as well as the Q-tip technique! Thank you to Lisa Bedenbaugh and Ilaria Borghese for their contributions to this video!
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2019: Sept-Oct: Volume 8, Issue 5

15 Sep 2019
LASER THERAPY - Myth Buster Edition! - Controversial Applications - Myths - Contraindications (or not) - Weird ways to use it
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Video Training 192: Vibration Platforms - Part 3

01 Sep 2019
Vibration Training... now you might want to try it! Check out what research there is in canine and equine subjects. Then watch what how we tested out different ways to use this device at my clinic, The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd. Fun!
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Animal Rehab Education in North America - 2017

28 Aug 2019
Looking into the different animal rehab training courses in North America? Here's a review of the curricula of each. (Conducted in 2017)
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Video Training 191: Vibration Platforms - Part 2

18 Aug 2019
Vibration Training... now you're more curious! Dive a little deeper and learn about Vibration Training for Osteoarthritis, The Aging, The Elderly, & The Obese, AND for Spinal Cord Injury! Check it out!
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Video Training 190: Vibration Platforms - Part 1

04 Aug 2019
Vibration Training? Worth looking into? Start here to find out. Part 1 of this series looks at Vibration Training for general health and effects on the body, for Athletes, for post-op ACLs, and for bone. It's an interesting topic!
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